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Volume 15(4) published on 30 Nov 2010

Governing Through Standards: Networks, Failure and Auditing
   Dale Spencer

Class, Individualisation and Perceived (Dis)advantages: Not Either/Or but Both/And?
   Will Atkinson

Developing Email Interview Practices in Qualitative Research
   Edgar Burns

Innovation and Reduction in Contemporary Qualitative Methods: The Case of Conceptual Coupling, Activity-Type Pairs and Auto-Ethnography
   William Housley and Robin Smith

'I' and 'We' Identities – an Eliasian Perspective on Lesbian and Gay Identities'
   Allison Moore

Tensions in Young People's Conceptualisation and Practice of Politics
   Nathan Manning

Introduction: 'Changing Parenting Culture'
   Charlotte Faircloth and Ellie Lee

Researching Barriers to Cultural Change for Those in Loco Parentis
   Heather Piper and Pat Sikes

Under the Influence? The Construction of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in UK Newspapers
   Pam Lowe, Ellie Lee and Liz Yardley

'What Science Says is Best': Parenting Practices, Scientific Authority and Maternal Identity
   Charlotte Faircloth

Understanding the Significance of the Teenage Mother in Contemporary Parenting Culture
   Jan Macvarish

The ESRC's 2010 Framework for Research Ethics: Fit for Research Purpose?
   Liz Stanley and Sue Wise

Research Ethics Committees (RECs) and the Creaking Piers of Peer Review
   John Holmwood

The Spectre of Research Ethics and Governance and the ESRC's 2010 FRE: Nowhere Left to Hide?
   Kate Reed

Creeping Ethical Regulation and the Strangling of Research
   Martyn Hammersley

Ethics in Online Research; Evaluating the ESRC Framework for Research Ethics Categorisation of Risk
   Kate Orton-Johnson

The Risks of Assessing Ethical Risks
   Michael Rustin

Sociology Still Lagging on Climate Change
   Constance Lever-Tracy

Conspiracy Panics
Bratich, Jack Z.
Reviewed by Türkay S. Nefes

Imprisoning Communities: How Mass Incarceration Makes Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse (Studies in Crime and Public Policy)
Clear, Todd R
Reviewed by Basak Tanulku

Religion and Youth (Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective Series in Association with the BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group)
Collins-Mayo, Sylvia and Dandelion, Pink
Reviewed by Sarah-Jane Page

After the Car
Dennis, Kingsley and Urry, John
Reviewed by Basak Tanulku

Politics of Climate Change
Giddens, Anthony
Reviewed by Michael Scott

Europe: The Faltering Project
Habermas, Jürgen
Reviewed by Jordan McKenzie

Outhwaite, William
Reviewed by Jordan Mckenzie

Irregular Migration in Europe (Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series)
Triandafyllidou, Anna
Reviewed by Lincoln J. Fry

The Sociology of Work: Structures and Inequalities
Vallas, Steven P., Finlay, William and Wharton, Amy S.
Reviewed by Ciaran T. Burke


Volume 15(3) published on 30 Aug 2010

Meaning and Structure in the Work and Family Interface
   Stefano Ba'

Choosing National Identity
   Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone

Interpreting Images of Motherhood: The Contexts and Dynamics of Collective Viewing
   Helen Lomax and Janet Fink

Battles over Biofuels in Europe: NGOs and the Politics of Markets
   Sarah Pilgrim and Mark Harvey

HIV-Related Stigma Among African Immigrants Living with HIV/AIDS in USA
   Emmanuel F. Koku

Gendered Performances in a Male-Dominated Subculture: 'Girl Racers', Car Modification and the Quest for Masculinity
   Karen Lumsden

Institutional Racism in Mental Health Services: The Consequences of Compromised Conceptualisation
   Hannah Bradby

The Work of Repair: Gesture, Emotion and Sensual Knowledge
   Tim Dant

Modeling Dimensions of 'the Social' in Knowledge Teams: An Operationalization of Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action
   Elizabeth Quinlan and Susan Robertson

Racial Hatred and Unmourned Loss
   David Gadd

Sociology Facing Climate Change
   John Urry

Sociology in a Changing Climate
   Elizabeth Shove

The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron
Bale, Tim
Reviewed by Antje Bednarek

Ethnicity (Key Concepts)
Fenton, Steve
Reviewed by Kerryn Husk

Wasted: Why Education Isn't Educating
Furedi, Frank
Reviewed by Najam Abbas

Pole Dancing, Empowerment and Embodiment
Holland, Dr Samantha
Reviewed by Fran Carter

Material Religion and Popular Culture (Routledge Studies in Religion)
King, E. Frances
Reviewed by Anja Finger

Selected Studies in International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation (IMISCOE Textbooks)
Martiniello, Marco and Rath, Jan (eds.)
Reviewed by Pratik Adhikary

Transitions Through Homelessness: Lives on the Edge
McNaughton, Carol
Reviewed by Alasdair B R Stewart


Volume 15(2) published on 24 May 2010

Retirement: Institutional Pathways and Individual Trajectories in Britain and Germany
   Anette E. Fasang

Social Mobility and Social Inequality: The Ambivalence of the Middle Class
   Yi-Lee Wong

Social Security Policy and Vindictiveness
   Chris Grover

Researcher-Led Development of E-Research in the Social Sciences: The Case of an E-Social Science Pilot Demonstrator Project
   Bridgette Wessels and Max Craglia

Empowering or Disempowering? Online Support Among Seafarer-Partners
   Lijun Tang

'My Bed or Our Bed?': Gendered Negotiations in the Sleep of Same-Sex Couples
   Allison Kirkman

The Meanings of Communion: Anglican Identities, the Sexuality Debates, and Christian Relationality
   Robert M. Vanderbeck, Gill Valentine, Kevin Ward, Joanna Sadgrove and Johan Andersson

"If I Shut My Eyes, I Cannot Hear You'': The Regulation of Parent and Adolescent Communication About Sexual Practices and Identities in the Family Context
   Sharon Elley

Introduction: The Dynamics of Epistemic Communities
   Morgan Meyer and Susan Molyneux-Hodgson

From Comunities of Practice to Epistemic Communities: Health Mobilizations on the Internet
   Madeleine Akrich

Caring for Weak Ties - the Natural History Museum as a Place of Encounter Between Amateur and Professional Science
   Morgan Meyer

Epistemic Communities Facing a New Type of Agora? Centres of Science, Technology and Innovation as Defining the New Research Landscape in Finland
   Seppo Poutanen and Anne Kovalainen

Possibilities of Enacting and Researching Epistemic Communities
   Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer

Let's Get Organised: Practicing and Valuing Scientific Work Inside and Outside the Laboratory
   Lisa Garforth and Anne Kerr

Mundane Heterosexualities: From Theory to Practices
Hockey, Jenny, Meah, Angela and Robinson, Victoria
Reviewed by Yiu Tung Suen

Children of International Migrants in Europe: Comparative Perspectives
Penn, Professor Roger and Lambert, Dr Paul
Reviewed by Pratik Adhikary

The Competent Public Sphere
Roberts, John Michael
Reviewed by Ewa Sadurska


Volume 15(1) published on 25 Feb 2010

Parenting in Post-Divorce Estonian Families: A Qualitative Study
   Leeni Hansson

Using Focus Group Research in Exploring the Relationships Between Youth, Risk and Social Position
   Dave Merryweather

The Impact of Spatial Segregation on the Employment Outcomes Amongst Bangladeshis Men and Women in England and Wales
   Nabil Khattab, Ron Johnston, Ibrahim Sirkeci and Tariq Modood

Social Work, Risk, Power
   Roger Smith

Can We Re-Use Qualitative Data Via Secondary Analysis? Notes on Some Terminological and Substantive Issues
   Martyn Hammersley

Individualized Housing Careers in Early Adulthood: Conditions and Constraints in a Familistic Society
   Magda Nico

Portfolio-Based Performance Appraisal for Doctors: A Case of Paperwork Compliance
   John Martyn Chamberlain

Criminology and Criminal Justice: Differences in Programs at the Master's Level
   Ruth Triplett and Elizabeth Monk-Turner

Gender, Health and Information Technology in Context (Health, Technology and Society)
Balka, Ellen, Green, Eileen and Henwood, Flis (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Spivey

Who Now Reads (Books On) Talcott Parsons?
Bruce C Wearne
Reviewed by Bruce C Wearne

Boundaries of Touch: Parenting and Adult-Child Intimacy
Halley, Jean O'Malley
Reviewed by Tomaz Krpic

Television and Youth Culture: Televised Paranoia (Education, Psychoanalysis, Social Transformation)
Jagodzinski, Jan
Reviewed by Mark Carrigan

Unanticipated Gains: Origins of Network Inequality in Everyday Life
Small, Mario Luis
Reviewed by Dave Griffiths

Contesting Stories of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Woodiwiss, Jo
Reviewed by Stephanie Petrie


Volume 14(5) published on 30 Nov 2009

Explaining the Health Gap Experienced by Girls and Women in Canada: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective
   Cecilia Benoit, Leah Shumka, Kate Vallance, Helga Hallgrimsdottir, Rachel Phillips, Karen Kobayashi, Olena Hankivsky, Colleen Reid and Elana Brief

Using Mead's Theory of Emergence as a Framework for Sociological Inquiry into Pre-Service Teacher Education
   Jeanne Allen, Mark Sinclair and Richard Smith

Archiving from Below: The Case of the Mobilised Hawkers in Calcutta
   Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay

A Membership Categorization Analysis of the Waco Siege: Perpetrator-Victim Identity as a Moral Discrepancy Device for 'Doing' Subversion
   Jonathan Clifton

Pillars of Trust: An Experimental Study on Reputation and Its Effects
   Riccardo Boero, Giangiacomo Bravo, Marco Castellani, Francesco Laganà and Flaminio Squazzoni

What a Difference a Death Makes: Protest, Policing and the Press at the G20
   Michael Rosie and Hugo Gorringe

Revisiting the 2001 Riots: New Labour and the Rise of 'Colour Blind Racism'
   James Rhodes

Part-Time Work and Activity in Voluntary Associations in Great Britain
   Daiga Kamerade

Jade's Dying Body: The Ultimate Reality Show
   Tony Walter

Narratives from Major to Minor: On Resisting Binaries in Favour of Joined up Thinking
   Liz Stanley

Apocalypse in the Long Run: Reflections on Huge Comparisons in the Study of Modernity
   John R. Hall

Problems, Crises, Events and Social Change: Theory and Illustrations
   Constance A. Nathanson

The Origins of Modern Nationalism in the North Atlantic Interaction Sphere
   Jonathan Hearn

The Number of the South African War (1899-1902) Concentration Camp Dead: Standard Stories, Superior Stories and a Forgotten Proto-Nationalist Research Investigation
   Liz Stanley and Helen Dampier

Fast Girls, Foreigners and GIs: An Exploration of the Discursive Strategies Through Which the Status of Pre-Marital (Hetero)sexual Ignorance and Restraint Was Upheld During the Second World War
   Jenny Hockey, Angela Meah and Victoria Robinson

Trans-Generational Memory: Narratives of World Wars in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland
   Tomoko Sakai

Illness Narratives Revisited: The Failure of Narrative Reductionism
   Paul Atkinson

Narrative Foundations of Knowing: Towards a New Perspective in the Sociology of Knowledge
   Anna Borisenkova

Neopagan Narratives: Knowledge Claims and Other World 'Realities'
   Sara Delamont

Big Punning, Large Troping and Huge Riddling: Why and How Macbeth and Other Narrative Texts Are Important and How to Deal with Them
   Joseph Maslen

Futures Narratives, Possible Worlds, Big Stories: Causal Layered Analysis and the Problems of Youth
   Cate Watson

Tilly's Technical Accounts and Standard Stories Explored in Financial Markets: The Case of the Istanbul Stock Exchange
   Emre Tarim

The Age of Grief in the Time of Talk
   Julie Brownlie

Narratives of Health Protection in Families with a Late-Onset Kidney Disease: Re-Defining Governmentality and Responsibility for Health in the Era of the 'New' Genetics
   Lucy Brindle

Charles Tilly: Connecting Large Scale Social Change and Personal Narrative
   Ernesto Castaneda

Coming of Age in Times of Uncertainty: Redefining Contemporary Adulthood
Blatterer, Harry
Reviewed by Andy King

Youth Cultures: Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes (Routledge Advances in Sociology)
Hodkinson, Paul and Deicke, Wolfgang
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Youth (Key Concepts)
Jones, Gill
Reviewed by Najam Abbas


Volume 14(4) published on 7 Sep 2009

Researching 'Care' in and Around the Workplace
   Andrew Smith and Linda McKie

'Their Risks Are My Risks': On Shared Risk Epistemologies, Including Altruistic Fear for Companion Animals
   Kevin Walby and Aaron Doyle

Blurring Public and Private Sociology: Challenging an Artificial Division
   Kate Butler

Work as Community: Narratives of Solidarity and Teamwork in the Contemporary Workplace, Who Owns Them?
   Gillian Vogl

Modes of Individualisation at Cemeteries
   Raf Vanderstraeten

Analysing an Advertising Campaign: Towards an Integrated Cultural-Industrial Analysis
   Neil O'Boyle

Through the Interviewer's Lens: Representations of 1960s Households and Families in a Lost Sociological Study
   John Goodwin and Henrietta O'Connor

Making Use of Audio Diaries in Research with Young People: Examining Narrative, Participation and Audience
   Nancy Worth

Sociological Futures: From Clock Time to Event Time
   Lisa Adkins

Introduction Global Social Inquiry: The Challenge of Listening
   Gurminder K. Bhambra

'The Callous Credit Nexus': Ideology and Compulsion in the Crisis of Neoliberalism
   Alex Law

The Challenge of Global Social Inquiry
   John Holmwood

Global Attentiveness and the Sociological Ear
   Les Back

Modernity Coloniality and Visibility: The Politics of Time
   Rolando Vázquez

Health, Emotion and the Body
Bendelow, Gillian
Reviewed by Paul Whybrow

Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists Debate Politics and the Profession in the Twenty-First Century
Clawson, Dan (Editor)
Reviewed by Alex Law

Globalization in Question
Hirst, Paul, Thompson, Grahame and Bromley, Simon
Reviewed by Jonathan H. Westover

SPSS for Social Scientists
Miller, Robert, Acton, Ciaran, Fullerton, Deirdre and Maltby, John
Reviewed by Willis Odek


Volume 14(2) published on 27 May 2009

Transforming Masculinist Political Cultures? Doing Politics in New Political Institutions
   Stephanie Jones, Nickie Charles and Charlotte Aull Davies

Sport in a Credit Crunched Consumer Culture
   John D. Horne

Solo-Living, Demographic and Family Change: The Need to Know More About Men
   Lynn Jamieson, Fran Wasoff and Roona Simpson

Rethinking the Social Construction of Technology Through 'Following the Actors': A Reappraisal of Technological Frames
   Christina Prell Not available for reviewing until Oct 2010

Celebrity Gossip and the New Melodramatic Imagination
   David Beer and Ruth Penfold-Mounce

'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are to Be Here!': Reflections on Covert Practices in an Overt Participant Observation Study
   John S. McKenzie

Revisiting a Moral Panic: Ascetic Protestantism, Attitudes to Alcohol and the Implementation of the Licensing Act 2003
   Henry Yeomans

Reading Foucault: Genealogy and Social Science Research Methodology and Ethics
   Wendy Bastalich

Introduction to the Rapid Response on the Current Financial Crisis/'Credit Crunch'
   Ross Coomber and Gayle Letherby

Sport in a Credit Crunched Consumer Culture
   John D. Horne

New Divisions of Labour?: Comparative Thoughts on the Current Recession
   Graham Crow, Peter Hatton, Dawn Lyon and Tim Strangleman

The Credit Crunch and the High Street: 'Coming Like a Ghost Town'
   Chris Yuill

The Credit Crunch: Neo-Liberalism, Financialisation and the Gekkoisation of Society
   John D. Bone

Migration and Recession: Polish Migrants in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland
   Torben Krings, Alicja Bobek, Elaine Moriarty, Justyna Salamonska and James Wickham

The Politics of Cultural Work
Banks, Mark
Reviewed by Vikki McCall

Youth in Transition: In Eastern Europe and the West
K, Roberts
Reviewed by Alena Vasianovich

Irish Children and Teenagers in a Changing World: The National Write Here, Write Now Project
O'Connor, Pat
Reviewed by Alexandra Cox

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Qualitative Research (Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books)
Silverman, David
Reviewed by Alison Woodward


Volume 14(1) published on 31 May 2009


Volume 14(1) published on 2 Feb 2009

'Do We Look Like Boy Racers?' the Role of the Folk Devil in Contemporary Moral Panics
   Karen Lumsden

Rethinking 'Current Crisis' Arguments: Gouldner and the Legacy of Critical Sociology
   Robert Hollands and Liz Stanley

It's Not Just Structural: Social Movements Are Not Homogenous Responses to Structural Features, but Networks Shaped by Organisational Strategies and Status
   Clare Saunders

Born in the USA: Exceptionalism in Maternity Care Organisation Among High-Income Countries
   Edwin van Teijlingen, Sirpa Wrede, Cecilia Benoit, Jane Sandall and Raymond DeVries

The Social Constructionist Challenge to Primacy Identity and the Emancipation of Oppressed Groups: Human Primacy Identity Politics and the Human/'Animal' Dualism
   Kay Peggs

Young People and Political Participation: An Analysis of European Union Policies
   Rachel Brooks

Senses of Gender
   Jason Lim and Kath Browne

Global Ambitions and Local Identities: An Israeli-American High-Tech Merger
Ailon, Galit
Reviewed by Emre Tarim

Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing & Publishing)
Becker, HS
Reviewed by Najam Abbas

The Power of Looks: Social Stratification of Physical Appearance
Berry, Bonnie
Reviewed by William Keenan

New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies
Fuller, Steve
Reviewed by Alexandros Kyrtsis

Thinking Palestine
Lentin, Ronit
Reviewed by Gad Yair

After Optimism: Ireland, Racism and Globalisation
Lentin, Ronit and Robbie McVeigh
Reviewed by Martin Power


Volume 13(6) published on 27 Nov 2008

Mockery and Morality in Popular Cultural Representations of the White Working Class
   Jayne Raisborough and Matt Adams

Rivalries and Racisms: 'Closed' and 'Open' Islamophobic Dispositions Amongst Football Supporters
   Peter Millward

Using a Head-Mounted Video Camera to Understand Social Worlds and Experiences
   Katrina Myrvang Brown, Rachel Dilley and Keith Marshall

The Notion of the Gift in the Donation of Body Tissues
   Rhonda Shaw

'Sociologists Talking'
   Les Back

From the Womb to the Tomb: Issues in Medical Ethics
McLachlan, Hugh V. and Swales, J. Kim
Reviewed by Bruce C Wearne

G.H. Mead: A Critical Introduction
Silva, Filipe Carreira da
Reviewed by Sandra Gulyurtlu

Olympic Industry Resistance (SUNY Series on Sport, Culture & Social Relations)
Lenskyj, Helen Jefferson
Reviewed by John Harris

Researching the Vulnerable
Liamputtong, Pranee
Reviewed by Francisco Freitas


Volume 13(5) published on 30 Sep 2008

Participatory Theatre as a Research Methodology: Identity, Performance and Social Action Among Refugees
   Erene Kaptani and Nira Yuval-Davis


My Family and Other Animals: Pets as Kin
   Nickie Charles and Charlotte Aull Davies

The Stylization of Internet Life?: Predictors of Internet Leisure Patterns Using Digital Inequality and Status Group Perspectives
   Roderick Graham

Analysing London's 'New East End' – How Can Social Science Make a Difference?
   Max Farrar

White Memories, White Belonging: Competing Colonial Anniversaries in 'Postcolonial' East London
   Georgie Wemyss

Between Being and Becoming? Rights, Responsibilities and the Politics of Multiculture in the New East End
   Michael J Keith

Language, Gender and Citizenship: Obstacles in the Path to Learning English for Bangladeshi Women in London's East End
   Nilufar Ahmed

Geographies of Inclusion/Exclusion: British Muslim Women in the East End of London
   Halima Begum

Seeking Sanctuary: Exploring the Changing Postcolonial and Racialised Politics of Belonging in East London
   Shamser Sinha

Towards a Sociology of Resentment: A Debate on Class and Whiteness
   Vron Ware

The Material Presence of Absence: A Dialogue Between Museums and Cemeteries
   Morgan Meyer and Kate Woodthorpe

Cosmic Society: Towards a Sociology of the Universe
Dickens, Peter and Ormrod, James
Reviewed by William Keenan

Going It Alone?: Lone Motherhood in Late Modernity
Klett-Davies, Martina
Reviewed by Brian Conway

New Tech, New Ties: How Mobile Communication is Reshaping Social Cohesion
Ling, Rich
Reviewed by Sakari Taipale

Researching Intimacy in Families
Gabb, Jacqui
Reviewed by Laura Centemeri


Volume 13(4) published on 30 Jul 2008

Gender Variations in the Nature of Undeclared Work: Evidence from Ukraine
   Colin C. Williams and John Round

Reflexivity in Research Practice: Informed Consent with Children at School and at Home
   Hayley Davies

A Walk in Thirdspace: Place, Methods and Walking
   Kate Moles

Presentation of Self in E-Veryday Life: How People Labelled with Intellectual Disability Manage Identity as They Engage the Blogosphere
   Alex McClimens and Frances Gordon

The Dynamics of Motherhood Performance: Hong Kong's Middle Class Working Mothers On- and Off-Line
   Annie Hau-nung Chan

'I Is; Therefore I Am': The Census as Practice of Double Identification
   Evelyn S. Ruppert

A Typology of Oppositional Knowledge: Democracy and the U.S. Peace Movement
   Patrick G. Coy, Lynne M. Woehrle and Gregory M. Maney

A New Sociology of Work? (Sociological Review Monographs)
Pettinger, Lynne, Parry, Jane, Taylor, Rebecca and Glucksmann, Miriam
Reviewed by Andrew Smith

Introducing Gender & Women's Studies
Richardson, Diane and Robinson, Victoria
Reviewed by Wendy Jones

Working Class Lesbian Life: Classed Outsiders (Women's Studies at York)
Taylor, Yvette
Reviewed by Alison Rooke


Volume 13(3) published on 30 May 2008

Social and Cultural Constructions of Ageing: the Case of the Baby Boomers
   Chris Phillipson, Rebecca Leach, Annemarie Money and Simon Biggs

Balancing Food Risks and Food Benefits: the Coverage of Probiotics in the UK National Press
   Brigitte Nerlich and Nelya Koteyko

How Has Educational Expansion Changed the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Achieving Professional, Managerial and Technical Class Positions in Britain? a Configurational Analysis
   Barry Cooper and Judith Glaesser

Death Metaphors and the Secularisation Debate: Towards Criteria for Successful Social Scientific Analogies
   Ed Dutton

Interpreting Compliance and Resistance to Medical Dominance in Women's Accounts of Their Pregnancies
   Rachel Westfall and Cecilia Benoit

From Institutional Racism to Community Cohesion: the Changing Nature of Racial Discourse in Britain
   Andrew Pilkington

Building the Hydrogen Highway: the Visions of a Large-Scale Hydrogen Project in Norway
   Hogne Sataøen

Using Software in Qualitative Research: a Step-By-Step Guide
Lewins, Ann and Silver, Christina
Reviewed by Ivano Bruno


Volume 13(1) published on 28 Mar 2008

'I've Always Managed, That's What We Do': Social Capital and Women's Experiences of Social Exclusion
   Victoria K. Gosling

'Us' and 'Them': Terrorism, Conflict and (O)ther Discursive Formations
   Steven Talbot

Researching Drug Sellers: an 'Experiential' Account from 'the Field'
   Jenni Ward

Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater: Towards a Sociology of the Human-Animal Abuse 'Link'?
   Nik Taylor and Tania Signal

'I Don't Think That Does Leave You, Because It's About Where You Come From': Exploring Class in the Classroom
   John Kirk

'If the Food Looks Dodgy I Dinnae Eat It': Teenagers' Accounts of Food and Eating Practices in Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Families
   Wendy Wills, Kathryn Backett-Milburn, Sue Gregory and Julia Lawton

Editorial Introduction: Special Section on Methodology and LGBT People
   Bob Cant and Ann Taket

Finding the Way to the End of the Rainbow: a Researcher's Insight Investigating British Older Gay Men's Lives
   Adrian Lee

Navigating Queer Street: Researching the Intersections of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Identities in Health Research
   Julie Fish

Researching Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Christians and Muslims: Some Thematic Reflections
   Andrew K. T. Yip

Standpoint, Objectivity, and Social Construction: Reflections from the Study of Gay and Lesbian Communities
   Mike Homfray

Women Parenting Together: a Reflexive Account of the Ways in Which the Researcher's Identity and Experiences May Impact on the Processes of Doing Research
   Kathryn Almack

Shifting Positionalities: Empirical Reflections on a Queer/Trans of Colour Methodology
   Jin Haritaworn

Researching Same Sex Domestic Violence: Constructing a Survey Methodology
   Melanie McCarry, Marianne Hester and Catherine Donovan

The Sociology of Lesbian and Gay Reflexivity or Reflexive Sociology?
   Brian Heaphy

Selling My Queer Soul or Queerying Quantitative Research?
   Kath Browne

Mixed Communities Require Mixed Theories: Using Mills to Broaden Goffman's Exploration of Identity Within the GBLT Communities
   Dann Hoxsey

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo
Bazeley, Patricia
Reviewed by Steven Martin

TransForming Gender: Transgender Practices of Identity, Intimacy and Care
Hines, Sally
Reviewed by Julie Harpin

Identity and Repartnering After Separation
Lampard, Richard and Peggs, Kay
Reviewed by Christina Lancucki


Volume 12(6) published on 15 Jan 2008

Collective Representations, Divided Memory and Patterns of Paradox: Mining and Shipbuilding
   Ian Roberts

Bourdieu: Preface
   Michalis Lianos

The Online Student: Lurking, Chatting, Flaming and Joking
   Kate Orton-Johnson

'Piggy in the Middle': the Liminality of the Contract Researcher in Funded 'Collaborative' Research
   Farida Tilbury

Parental Help-Seeking and the Moral Order. Notes for Policy-Makers and Parenting Practitioners on 'the First Port of Call' and 'No One to Turn To'
   Karen Broadhurst

Patterns of Absolute and Relative Social Mobility: a Comparative Study of England, Wales and Scotland
   Lindsay Paterson and Cristina Iannelli

How Middle-Class Parents Help Their Children Obtain an Advantaged Qualification: a Study of Strategies of Teachers and Managers for Their Children's Education in Hong Kong Before the 1997 Handover
   Yi-Lee Wong

Cultural Capital, Cultural Knowledge and Ability
   Alice Sullivan

Critical Sociology and Social History
   Eric Hobsbawm

Raisonnements Circulaires : Retour Nostalgique à Lévy-Bruhl
   Mary Douglas

Habitus and Reflexivity: Restructuring Bourdieu's Theory of Practice
   Nicos Mouzelis

Bourdieu and Postcommunist Class Formation
   William Outhwaite

La Distinction Indifférente
   Christian Papilloud

Que Reste-T-Il Des Héritiers Et De La Reproduction (1964-1971) Aujourd'hui? Questions, Méthodes, Concepts Et Réception D'une Sociologie De L'éducation
   Jean-Claude Passeron

Pierre Bourdieu: Episteme, Polity and Critique
   Michalis Lianos

Towards a Theory of Constrained Relativism: Comparing and Combining the Work of Pierre Bourdieu, Mary Douglas and Michael Thompson, and Alan Fiske
   Marco Verweij

Approaches to Social Enquiry: Advancing Knowledge
Blaikie, Norman
Reviewed by Simon Locke

Social Theory and Applied Health Research (Understanding Social Research S.)
Dyson, Simon and Brian Brown
Reviewed by Maria Desougi

"Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers
Janesick, Valerie J.
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Sociology and Health Care: an Introduction for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals
Sheaff, Mike
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen


Volume 12(5) published on 30 Sep 2007

Social Capital and Community Building Through the Internet: a Swedish Case Study in a Disadvantaged Suburban Area
   Sara Ferlander and Duncan Timms

Textual Interaction as Sexual Interaction: Sexuality And/in the Online Interview
   Danny Beusch

Inequality Within the Family: Cases of Selective Parents in Post-War Hong Kong
   Yi-Lee Wong

Is Social Mobility an Echo of Educational Mobility? Parents' Educations and Occupations and Their Children's Occupational Attainment
   Richard Lampard

Sociology And, of and in Web 2.0: Some Initial Considerations
   David Beer and Roger Burrows

Bureaucracy and Beyond: the Impact of Ethics and Governance Procedures on Health Research in the Social Sciences
   Kate Reed

Editors' Introduction: Gender, Sleep and the Life Course
   Sara Arber, Jenny Hislop and Simon Williams

Power, Ideology and Resources Within Families: a Theoretical Context for Empirical Research on Sleep
   Jan Pahl

Are Children Getting Enough Sleep? Implications for Parents
   Luci Wiggs

Embodying and Embedding Children's Sleep: Some Sociological Comments and Observations
   Simon Williams, Pam Lowe and Frances Griffiths

The Sleeping Lives of Children and Teenagers: Night-Worlds and Arenas of Action
   Jo Moran-Ellis and Susan Venn

A Bed of Roses or a Bed of Thorns? Negotiating the Couple Relationship Through Sleep
   Jenny Hislop

'It's Okay for a Man to Snore': the Influence of Gender on Sleep Disruption in Couples
   Susan Venn

Who Are You Sleeping With? the Construction of Heteronormativity in Stories About Sleep in British Newspapers
   Pam Lowe, Sharon Boden, Simon Williams, Clive Seale and Deborah Steinberg

Gender Roles and Women's Sleep in Mid and Later Life: a Quantitative Approach
   Sara Arber, Jenny Hislop, Marcos Bote and Robert Meadows

Caring and Sleep Disruption Among Women in Italy
   Emanuela Bianchera and Sara Arber

Theorising Sleep Practices and Later Life: Moving to Sheltered Housing
   Eileen Fairhurst

The Meanings of Sleep: Stories from Older Women in Care
   Brooke Davis, Bernadette Hood and Dorothy Bruck

The Social Significance of Sleep for Older People with Dementia in the Context of Care
   Wendy Martin and Helen Bartlett

Online News: Journalism and the Internet
Allan, Stuart
Reviewed by Frank McMahon

The Devil Behind the Mirror: Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic
Gregory, Steven
Reviewed by Jonathan H. Westover


Volume 12(4) published on 7 Aug 2007

Adulthood: the Contemporary Redefinition of a Social Category
   Harry Blatterer

Environmental Injustice or Just the Lie of the Land: an Investigation of the Socio-Economic Class of Those at Risk from Flooding in England and Wales
   Jane Fielding

Constructing Meaningful Lives: Biographical Methods in Research on Migrant Women
   Umut Erel

Gender Life Course Transitions from the Nuclear Family in England and Wales 1981-2001
   Lawrence Ware, Moira Maconachie, Malcolm Williams, Joan Chandler and Brian Dodgeon

Studying Society
Evans, Karen and King, Dave
Reviewed by Slawomir Mandes

Religion, Identity and Politics in Northern Ireland: Boundaries of Belonging and Belief
Mitchell, Claire
Reviewed by Gladys Ganiel


Volume 12(3) published on 29 May 2007

(Re)Using Qualitative Data?
   Niamh Moore

Changing Social Class Identities in Post-War Britain: Perspectives from Mass-Observation
   Mike Savage

What's [Yet] to Be Seen? Re-Using Qualitative Data
   Elizabeth B. Silva

'Re-Using' Qualitative Data: on the Merits of an Investigative Epistemology
   Jennifer Mason

A Reflexive Account of Reusing Qualitative Data: Beyond Primary/secondary Dualism
   Libby Bishop

Commentary on 'a Reflexive Account of Reusing Qualitative Data: Beyond Primary/secondary Dualism' (Libby Bishop)
   Mildred Blaxter

Sociological Engagements with Computing: the Advent of E-Science and Some Implications for the Qualitative Research Community
   Susan M. Hodgson and Tom Clark

Seduced or Sceptical Consumers? Organised Action and the Case of Fair Trade Coffee
   Janette Webb

Epistemology, Structure and Urgency: the Sociology of Financial and Scientific Journalists
   Geoff Cooper and Mary Ebeling

Ethnicity and Everyday Life (New Sociology) (New Sociology)
Karner, Christian
Reviewed by William Cross

Data Collection and Analysis 2nd Edition
Sapsford, Roger and Jupp, Victor (Editors)
Reviewed by Manish K. Thakur

Drugs in Britain: Supply, Consumption and Control
Simpson, M., Shildrick, T. & MacDonald, R. (eds.)
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Gendering the Knowledge Economy: Comparative Perspectives
Walby, Sylvia, Heidi Gottfried, Karin Gottschall and Mari Osawa (eds)
Reviewed by Carrie Purcell


Volume 12(2) published on 26 Mar 2007

Embarrassment as a Key Emotion in Young People Talking About Sexual Health
   Edwin van Teijlingen, Jennifer Reid, Janet Shucksmith, Fiona Harris, Kate Philip, Mari Imamura, Janet Tucker and Gillian Penney

The Politics of Environmental Activism: a Case Study of the Cruise Industry and the Environmental Movement
   Ross A. Klein

Narrating Ambivalence of Maternal Responsibility
   Eija Sevón

Accessing Socially Excluded People — Trust and the Gatekeeper in the Researcher-Participant Relationship
   Nick Emmel, Kathryn Hughes, Joanne Greenhalgh and Adam Sales

Unpacking Professional Trust – Dimensions of Trust in Swedish Auditors' Client Relations
   Bengt Larsson

Politics, Responsibility and Risk: Editorial Introduction
   Elizabeth Ettorre and Alison Anderson

Informed Consent and the Research Process: Following Rules or Striking Balances?
   Rose Wiles, Graham Crow, Vikki Charles and Sue Heath

Sites of Memory or Aids to Multiculturalism? Conflicting Uses of Jewish Heritage Sites
   David Clark

Politics, Responsibility and Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
   Jo Woodiwiss

The Body as Weapon: Bobby Sands and the Republican Hunger Strikes
   Chris Yuill

'I Love You to the Bones': Constructing the Anorexic Body in 'Pro-Ana' Message Boards
   Katie J. Ward

Becoming a Citizen: Incorporating Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada
Bloemraad, Irene
Reviewed by Cristina Flesher Fominaya

Maintaining the Momentum: Promoting Life Chances Through the Early Years and Beyond
Delorenzi, Simone
Reviewed by Jean Charles Lagrée

Sibling Identity and Relationships (Relationships and Resources S.)
Hadfield, Lucy, Lucey, Helen, Mauthner, Melanie L. and Edwards, Rosalind
Reviewed by Yvette Taylor

The Moral Significance of Class
Sayer, Andrew
Reviewed by Jody Mellor

Social Security and Welfare: Concepts and Comparisons (Introducing Social Policy)
Walker, Robert
Reviewed by Vida Cesnuityte


Volume 12(1) published on 31 Jan 2007

Female Involvement in the Miners' Strike 1984-1985: Trajectories of Activism
   Jean Spence and Carol Stephenson

Preserving and Extending the Commodification of Football Supporter Relations: a Cultural Economy of Supporters Direct
   David Kennedy and Peter Kennedy

Out and About: Negotiating the Layers of Being out in the Process of Disclosure of Lesbian Parenthood
   Kathryn Almack

By Slow Degrees: Two Centuries of Social Reproduction and Mobility in Britain
   Paul Lambert, Kenneth Prandy and Wendy Bottero

Changing Femininities, Changing Masculinities Social Change, Gender Identities and Sexual Orientations
   Elisabetta Ruspini

''Sex Changes'? Paradigm Shifts in 'Sex' and 'Gender' Following the Gender Recognition Act?'
   Stephen Whittle and Lewis Turner

Transmuting Gender Binaries: the Theoretical Challenge
   Surya Monro

Transsexualism in Spain: a Cultural and Legal Perspective
   Patrícia Soley-Beltran

Diversity in Uniform? - Gender and Sexuality Within the Berlin Police Force
   Sonja M. Dudek

'It's Made a Huge Difference': Recognition, Rights and the Personal Significance of Civil Partnership
   Beccy Shipman and Carol Smart

Doing Gender on and off the Pitch: the World of Female Football Players
   John Harris

'Changing Marriage? Messing with Mr. In-Between?: Reflections Upon Media Debates on Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland'
   Sean Reynolds

Negotiating 'Normal': the Management of Feminine Identities in Rural Britain
   Fiona Gill

(Trans)Forming Gender: Social Change and Transgender Citizenship
   Sally Hines

The WASS Collective: Gender Transformations in Higher Education
   Cath Lambert, Amy Bell, Lucy Hawkins, Lorraine Kelleher, Jen Lexmond, Samantha Lyle, Astrid Nordin, Andrew Parker, Maud Perrier and Juliet Rayment

The Market (Key Concepts)
Aldridge, Alan
Reviewed by Stefan Bernhard

Keywords in Qualitative Methods: a Vocabulary of Research Concepts
Bloor, Michael and Wood, Fiona
Reviewed by Kevin Meethan

Social Psychology and Modernity
Johansson, Thomas
Reviewed by Sarah L. MacMillen

Designing Qualitative Research 4th Edition
Marshall, Catherine and Rossman, Gretchen
Reviewed by Markus Schweiger

The Disobedient Generation: Social Theorists in the Sixties
Sica, Alan and Turner, Stephen (eds.)
Reviewed by Igor Sádaba Rodríguez


Volume 11(4) published on 20 Dec 2006

'Are My Bones Normal Doctor?' the Role of Technology in Understanding and Communicating Health Risks for Midlife Women
   Eileen Green, Frances Griffiths and Di Thompson

Old, Poor and Alone in Palestine
   Gabriella Lazaridis, A Findlay and F Zanoon

Codes of Cultural Belonging: Racialised National Identities in a Multi-Ethnic Scottish Neighbourhood
   Satnam Virdee, Christopher Kyriakides and Tariq Modood

Social Capital as Network Capital: Looking at the Role of Social Networks Among Not-For-Profits
   Christina Prell Not available for reviewing until Oct 2010

'The Basic Stuff of Our Memories': Embodying and Embedding Discipline
   Julie Brownlie

Reflexivity and Researching National Identity
   Robin Mann

'Is It Real Food?' Who Benefits from Globalisation in Tanzania and India?
   Pat Caplan

Public Health and Rockefeller Wealth: Alliance Strategies in the Early Formation of Finnish Public Health Nursing
Ann Yrjälä
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Zygmunt Bauman (Key Sociologists)
Blackshaw, Tony
Reviewed by Bruce C Wearne

Childhood and Human Value
Lee, Nick
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analyzing Talk, Text and Interaction 3rd Edition
Silverman, David
Reviewed by Helen Marson Smith


Volume 11(3) published on 30 Sep 2006

The Time Economy of Parenting
   Anne Gray

Questioning the Subject in Biographical Interviewing
   Jennifer Harding

The Pop-Pickers Have Picked Decentralised Media: the Fall of Top of the Pops and the Rise of the Second Media Age
   David Beer

'Betty Friedan: a Tribute'
   Melissa Dearey

Friends, Neighbours and Distant Partners: Extending or Decentring Family Relationships?
   Lynn Jamieson, David Morgan, Graham Crow and Graham Allan

Friendship and Formations of Sociality in Late Modernity: the Challenge of 'Post Traditional Intimacy'
   Shelley Budgeon

Neighbourliness and Privacy on a Low Income Estate
   Isabella Boyce

Love Lives at a Distance: Distance Relationships over the Lifecourse
   Mary Holmes

What is 'the Problem' of Singleness?
   Jan Macvarish

Friendship or Facilitation: People with Learning Disabilities and Their Paid Carers
   Rebecca Pockney

Patterns in the Telling: Single Women's Intimate Relationships with Men
   Jill Reynolds

On Not Living with a Partner: Unpicking Coupledom and Cohabitation
   Sasha Roseneil

The Intimate Relationships of Contemporary Spinsters
   Roona Simpson

Public Intimacy in Neighbour Relationships and Complaints
   Elizabeth Stokoe

The Globalization of Sexuality
Binnie, Jon
Reviewed by Michael Gard

Science, Culture, and Society: Understanding Science in the Twenty-First Century
Erickson, Mark
Reviewed by Victoria Simpson

A Companion to Qualitative Research
Flick, Uwe; Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke (Editors)
Reviewed by Will Gibson

Hard Labour: the Sociology of Parenthood
Gatrell, Caroline
Reviewed by Sarah Earle

Corruption : Anthropological Perspectives (Anthropology, Culture and Society)
Haller, Dieter and Shore, Cris (Editors)
Reviewed by John David Granger

Risk and Everyday Life
Tulloch, John and Deborah Lupton
Reviewed by Emma Pitchforth

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis: a Comparative and Critical Introduction
Wooffitt, Robin
Reviewed by Brian Torode


Volume 11(2) published on 3 Jul 2006

To Buy or Not to Buy: Family Dynamics and Children's Consumption
   Julie Evans and Joan Chandler

Access Grid Nodes in Field Research
   Nigel Fielding and Maria Macintyre

Configurations of Care Work: Paid and Unpaid Elder Care in Italy and the Netherlands
   Miriam Glucksmann and Dawn Lyon

Research Identities: Reflections of a Contract Researcher
   Jackie Goode

Families, Intimacy and Social Change: Editorial Introduction
   Alison Anderson and Elizabeth Ettorre

Social Change and the Family
   Chris Harris, Nickie Charles and Charlotte Davies

'Doing What is Right': Researching Intimacy, Work and Family Life in Glasgow, 1945-1960
   Sue Innes and Linda McKie

Sociological Work on Violence: Gender, Theory and Research
   Linda McKie

'Another Day, Another Demand': How Parents and Children Negotiate Consumption Matters
   Sharon Boden

Beyond 'Juggling' and 'Flexibility': Classed and Gendered Experiences of Combining Employment and Motherhood
   Jo Armstrong

Using Diaries for Social Reseach (Introducing Qualitative Methods Series.)
Alaszewski, Andy
Reviewed by Emma Uprichard

After Habermas: New Perspectives on the Public Sphere (Sociological Review Monograph)
Crossley, Nick and Roberts, John Michael
Reviewed by Mary Ebeling

The Struggle for Community in a British Multi-Ethnic Inner-City Area: Pandise in the Making (Mellen Studies in Sociology S.)
Farrar, Max
Reviewed by Graham Crow

Transitions in Context: Leaving Home, Independence and Adulthood
Holdsworth, David and Morgan, Clare
Reviewed by Helen Marson Smith

The Politics of Birth
Kitzinger, Sheila
Reviewed by Sirpa Wrede

Families in Society: Boundaries and Relationships
McKie, Linda and Cunningham-Burley, Sarah
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan


Volume 11(1) published on 26 Apr 2006

Interpreting Trust: Abstract and Personal Trust for People Who Need Interpreters to Access Services
   Rosalind Edwards, Claire Alexander and Bogusia Temple

Putting It into Practice: Using Feminist Fractured Foundationalism in Researching Children in the Concentration Camps of the South African War
   Liz Stanley and Sue Wise

Conceptualising Intensive Caring Activities: the Changing Lives of Families with Young Disabled Children
   Janice McLaughlin

Content, Context, Reflexivity and the Qualitative Research Encounter: Telling Stories in the Virtual Realm
   Nicola Illingworth

Family and Peer Networks in Intimate and Sexual Relationships Amongst Teenagers in a Multicultural Area of East London
   Shamser Sinha, Katherine Curtis, Amanda Jayakody, Russell Viner and Helen Roberts

Becoming Poor in Belgium and Britain: the Impact of Demographic and Labour Market Events
   Caroline Dewilde

Time and the Prison Experience
   Azrini Wahidin

Self-Organising Map Approach to Individual Profiles: Age, Sex and Culture in Internet Dating
   Teemu Suna, Michael Hardey, Jouni Huhtinen, Yrjö Hiltunen, Kimmo Kaski, Jukka Heikkonen and Mika Ala-Korpela

'Pants to Poverty'? Making Poverty History, Edinburgh 2005
   Hugo Gorringe and Michael Rosie

Marking the Moral Boundaries of Class
   John Kirk

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine (Illustrated Colour Text S.)
Porter, Michael, Abraham, Charles, Alder, Beth and Teijlingen, Edwin van
Reviewed by Katie Brittain

News Culture (Issues in Cultural & Media Studies)
Allan, Stuart
Reviewed by Philippa Hall

Genetic Governance
Bunton, Robin and Petersen, Alan (eds.)
Reviewed by Sirpa Wrede

The SAGE Handbook of Sociology
Calhoun, Craig, Rojek, Chris and Turner, Bryan
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Intolerant Britain?
McGhee, Derek
Reviewed by Irwin Deutscher

Qualitative Research Practice
Seale, Clive, Gobo, Giampietro, Gubrium, Jaber F and Silverman, David
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Gender Talk: Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis
Speer, Susan A.
Reviewed by Kim Clark

Poor Transitions: Social Exclusions and Young Adults
Webster, Colin, Simpson, Donald, MacDonald, Robert, Abbas, Andrea, Cieslik, Mark, Shildrick, Tracy and Simpson, Mark
Reviewed by Yvette Taylor


Volume 10(4) published on 9 Jan 2006

Exploring Intersections of Employment and Ethnicity Amongst British Pakistani Young Men.
   Hasmita Ramji

Narratives of the Night: the Use of Audio Diaries in Researching Sleep
   Jenny Hislop, Sara Arber, Robert Meadows and Susan Venn

Pervasive Uncertainty in Second Modernity: an Empirical Test
   Peter Taylor-Gooby

Not Miser Not Monk: Begging, Benefits and the Free Gift
   Tom Hall

What is Human Society? It is a Feeling Society: a Response to Gane and Scott.
   Benet Davetian

Sociological Futures and the Sociology of Work
   Tim Strangleman

Journalism: Critical Issues
Allan, Stuart (Editor)
Reviewed by Frank McMahon

The Sociology of Childhood (Sociology for a New Century Series) 2nd Edition
Corsaro, William A.
Reviewed by Melissa Dearey

Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood
MacLeod, Jay
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

The Sociology of Ethnicity
Malesevic, Sinisa
Reviewed by Sohinee Bhattacharya

On Secularization: Towards a Revised General Theory
Martin, David
Reviewed by Raf Vanderstraeten

Social Justice, Human Rights and Public Policy
McLachlan, Hugh V.
Reviewed by Pär Gustafsson

Handling Qualitative Data : a Practical Guide
Richards, Lyn
Reviewed by Mark Pearson

Sport and Society (Issues in Society)
Scambler, Graham
Reviewed by Dominic Malcolm


Volume 10(3) published on 10 Nov 2005

Ethnicity, Class and the Earning Inequality in Israel, 1983-1995
   Nabil Khattab

Patriots of the Future? a Critical Examination of Community Cohesion Strategies in Contemporary Britain
   Derek McGhee

Accessing Habitus: Relating Structure and Agency Through Focus Group Research
   Gill Callaghan

The Gap and How to Mind It: Intersections of Class and Sexuality (Research Note)
   Yvette Taylor

Political Hyperlinking in South Korea: Technical Indicators of Ideology and Content
   Han Woo Park, Mike Thelwall and Randolph Kluver

Coming Home to Love and Class
   Paul Johnson and Steph Lawler

Research Ethics and the Governance of Research Projects: the Potential of Internet Home Pages
   Martyn Denscombe

Telling Identity Stories: the Routinisation of Racialisation of Irishness
   Elaine Moriarty

Understanding the Symbolic Idea of the American Dream and Its Relationship with the Category of 'Whiteness'
   Manuel Madriaga

Media Coverage of Sociology
   Annaliza Gaber

A Child of Its Time: Hybridic Perspectives on Othering in Sociology
   Liz Stanley

Fallacies in the Critique of Disciplinary Sociology
   John Scott

What is 'Human Society'?: a Response to Davetian
   Nicholas Gane

Capturing the Livingness and Liveliness of Critique-In-Action
   David Beer

Too Close for Comfort? 'Race'and the Management of Proximity, Guilt and Other Anxieties in Paid Domestic Labour
   Esther Bott

Towards a Sociology of Endings
   Graham Crow

Are We All Europeans Now? Local, National and Supranational Identities of Young Adults
   Sue Grundy and Lynn Jamieson

The Captive Mother? the Place of Home in the Lives of Lone Mothers
   Emma Head

From 'Goods' to 'Bads'? Revisiting the Political Economy of Risk
   Gabe Mythen

Understanding Everyday Life
Bennett, Tony and Diane Watson (Editors)
Reviewed by Maria Desougi

The Art of Sociological Argument
Crow, Graham
Reviewed by Vivienne Boon

Society and Nature
Dickens, Peter
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Social Work: Theory and Practice for a Changing Profession
Dominelli, Lena
Reviewed by Wing Hong Chui

Reflections on Research: the Realities of Doing Research in the Social Sciences
Hallowell, Nina , Lawton, Julia and Gregory, Susan
Reviewed by Anne Townsend

Social Dynamics of the Life Course
Heinz, Walter R. and Victor W. Marshall
Reviewed by Dorothy Pawluch

Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet
Hine, Christine (Editor)
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

From Post-Industrial to Post-Modern Society: New Theories of the Contemporary World
Kumar, Krishan
Reviewed by Marco Trentini

Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings
Newman, Katherine S.
Reviewed by Scott Davies

Using Social Theory : Thinking Through Research
Pryke, Michael, Rose, Gillian and Whatmore, Sarah
Reviewed by Peter Hilger

Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Punch, Keith F.
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

A Pleasing Birth: Midwives and Maternity Care in the Netherlands
Vries, Raymond De
Reviewed by Peter McCaffery


Volume 10(2) published on 20 Jul 2005

Applying Ragin's Crisp and Fuzzy Set QCA to Large Datasets: Social Class and Educational Achievement in the National Child Development Study
   Barry Cooper

The Ghost of Patrick Geddes: Civics As Applied Sociology
   Alex Law

Suicidal Masculinities
   Jonathan Scourfield

Nice and Tidy: Translation and Representation
   Bogusia Temple

Researching Hard-to Reach Populations: Privileged Access Interviewers and Drug Using Parents.
   Nicola Jane Taylor and Jackie Kearney

A Critical Analysis of the Medical Model As Used in the Study of Pregnancy and Childbirth
   Edwin van Teijlingen

Beyond the Science of 'Society'
   John Urry

Towards an Emotionally Conscious Social Theory
   Benet Davetian

Editorial Introduction to a Collection from the 2003 BSA Conference 'Social Futures: Desire, Excess and Waste' the Consumption and Waste Stream
   Andrea Abbas, Steve Taylor, Tony Chapman, Dave Morland and Diane Nutt

Explaining Showering: a Discussion of the Material, Conventional, and Temporal Dimensions of Practice
   Martin Hand, Elizabeth Shove and Dale Southerton

The Gentrification of Consumption: a View from Manchester
   Joanne Massey

Sociology, Science and Sustainability: Developing Relationships in Scotland
   Kirsty L. Blackstock, Elizabeth A. Kirk and Alison D. Reeves

Urban Consumption and Feelings of Attachment of Rotterdam's New Middle Class
   Marco van der Land

What is Safe? Cultural Citizenship, Visual Culture and Risk
   Nick Stevenson

The Reemergence of Self-Employment : a Comparative Study of Self-Employment Dynamics and Social Inequality
Arum, Richard and Muller, Walter (Editors)
Reviewed by Edward Granter

The Sociology of Education and Work
Bills, David B.
Reviewed by Raf Vanderstraeten

Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques
Corbetta, Piergiorgio
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Sex and Manners : Female Emancipation in the West 1890 - 2000 (Theory, Culture and Society Series)
Wouters, Cas
Reviewed by Jenny Greener


Volume 10(1) published on 16 Jun 2005

The Memory-History-Popular Culture Nexus: Pearl Harbor As a Case Study in Consumer-Driven Collective Memory
   Patricia Leavy

The Geographical Mobility, Preferences and Pleasures of Prolific Punters: a Demonstration Study of the Activities of Prostitutes' Clients
   Keith Soothill and Teela Sanders

The Diversity of State Benefit Dependent Lone Mothers: the Use of Type Categories As an Analytical Tool
   Martina Klett-Davies

Toys for Boys? Women's Marginalization and Participation As Digital Gamers
   Garry Crawford and Victoria K. Gosling

The Digital Revolution in Qualitative Research: Working with Digital Audio Data Through Atlas.Ti
   Will Gibson, Peter Callery, Malcolm Campbell, Andy Hall and Dave Richards

Current Issues and Future Trends in Sociology: Extending the Debate in Sociological Research Online
   Gayle Letherby

Sociology and Its Others: Reflections on Disciplinary Specialisation and Fragmentation
   John Scott

Tsunami Diplomacy: Will the 26 December, 2004 Bring Peace to the Affected Countries?
   Ilan Kelman

More Than Words: Some Reflections on Working Visually
   Susan Halford and Caroline Knowles

Kalighat, the Home of Goddess Kali: the Place Where Calcutta is Imagined Twice: a Visual Investigation into the Dark Metropolis
   Erica Barbiani

Social Life Under the Microscope?
   Monika Büscher

The Fabric of Society: an Investigation of the Emotional and Sensory Experience of Wearing Denim Clothing
   Fiona Candy

The Photograph in Theory
   Elizabeth Chaplin

Photography: Making and Breaking Racialised Boundaries: an Essay in Reflexive, Radical, Visual Sociology.
   Max Farrar

Cyberstalking: Harrassment in the Internet Age
Bocij, Paul
Reviewed by Jody Mellor

The Survey Methods Workbook
Buckingham, Alan and Peter Saunders
Reviewed by Iain Lang

Accomodating Diversity: National Policies That Prevent Ethnic Conflict
Deutscher, Irwin
Reviewed by Timothy J. White

Media, Politics and the Network Society
Hassan, Robert
Reviewed by Javier Alcade

Race and Social Analysis
Knowles, Caroline
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Social Theory: the Multicultural and Classic Readings
Lemert, Charles
Reviewed by Melissa Dearey

Looking West: Cultural Globalization and Russian Youth Cultures
Pilkington, Hilary; Elena Omel'chenko; Moya Flynn; Ul'iana Bliudina; Elena Starkova
Reviewed by Harry Blatterer

Focus Group Practice
Puchta, Claudia and Jonathan Potter
Reviewed by Rosaline Barbour

Race, Ethnicity and Difference
Ratcliffe, Peter
Reviewed by Bertha Yakubu

Internet in Everyday Life
Wellman, Barry and Haythornthwaite, Caroline
Reviewed by Kris Cohen


Volume 9(4) published on 25 Feb 2005

Sociological Practitioners Contributing to New Product Development: Mapping the Challenges
   An Jacobs

The Order of Service: the Practical Management of Customer Interaction
   Barry Brown

Oyster Coverage: Chiastic News As a Reflection of Local Expertise and Economic Concerns
   Toby A. Ten Eyck and Forrest A. Deseran

Dead or Alive: the Discursive Massacre or the Mass-Suicide of Post-Soviet Intelligentsia?
   Inna Kotchetkova

Back to the Future of Social Theory: an Interview with Nicholas Gane
   David Beer and Nicholas Gane

Facilitating Social Networks Among Gay Men
   Bob Cant

Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using Spss 11.0/11.5 for Windows 5th Edition
Babbie, Earl; Fred Halley; Jeanne Zaino
Reviewed by Gill Gillespie

Spaces of Neoliberalism: Urban Restructuring in North America and Western Europe
Brenner, Neil and Nik Theodore (Editors)
Reviewed by William Cross

Class Practices : How Parents Help Their Children Get Good Jobs
Devine, Fiona
Reviewed by John Reed

Qualitative Methods and Health Policy Research
Murphy, Elizabeth and Dingwall, Robert
Reviewed by Judith Green

Worlds of Health: Exploring the Health Choices of British Asian Mothers
Reed, Kate
Reviewed by Harshad Keval

Understanding Qualitative Research and Ethnomethodology
Have, Paul Ten
Reviewed by Yves Laberge


Volume 9(3) published on 31 Aug 2004

Discursive Democracy and New Labour: Five Ways in Which Decision-Makers Manage Citizen Agendas in Public Participation Initiatives
   Mike Williams

Attitudes, Care and Commitment: Pattern and Process
   Sarah Irwin

Emotions After Dark - a Sociological Impression of the 2003 New York Blackout
   Chris Yuill

Living Alone: Its Place in Household Formation and Change
   Joan Chandler, Malcolm Williams, Moira Maconachie, Tracey Collett and Brian Dodgeon

'Rappin' on the Reservation: Canadian Mohawk Youth's Hybrid Cultural Identities
   Robert Hollands

A Profile of Fatherhood Among Young Men: Moving Away from Their Birth Family and Closer to Their Child.
   Anne Quéniart

'No Woman's Law Will Rot This State': the Israeli Racial State and Feminist Resistance
   Ronit Lentin

Social Barriers to Peace: Socialisation Processes in the Radicalisation of the Palestinian Struggle
   Stephen Vertigans

Global Aging and Challenges to Families
Bengtson, Vern L. and Ariela Lowenstein (Editors)
Reviewed by Henk Vinken

Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation
Chambliss, Daniel F and Russell K. Schutt
Reviewed by Roger John Sapsford

Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis
Cramer, Duncan
Reviewed by Stephen Brindle

Denzin, Norman K.
Reviewed by David Calvey

Emile Durkheim: Sociologist of Modernity
Emirbayer, Mustafa (Editor)
Reviewed by Mike Drake


Volume 9(2) published on 28 May 2004

Researching Identities with Multi-Method Autobiographies
   Anna Bagnoli

Labour Market Participation and Conditions of Employment: a Comparison of Minority Ethnic Groups and Refugees in Britain
   Alice Bloch

Diasporicity in the City of Portsmouth (UK): Local and Global Connections of Black Britishness
   Rajinder Dudrah

'it's As if You're Some Alien...' Exploring Anti-English Attitudes in Scotland.
   Ian McIntosh, Duncan Sim and Douglas Robertson

Baudrillard on Simulations: an Exegesis and a Critique
   Stanley Raffel

Global Visions and Globalizing Corporations: an Analysis of Images and Texts from Fortune Global 500 Companies
   Peter Robbins

The Researcher, the Field and the Issue of Entry: Two Cases of Ethnographic Research Concerning Asylums in Greece
   Manos Savvakis and Manolis Tzanakis

Consumed with Sleep? Dormant Bodies in Consumer Culture
   Simon Williams and Sharon Boden

Social Research Methods and the Internet: a Thematic Review
   Christine Hine

Remaking Social Work with Children and Families: A Critical discussion on the 'modernisation' of social care
Garrett, Paul Michael
Reviewed by Pamela Attree

Body, Culture and Society: An Introduction
Hancock, Philip, Bill Hughes, Elizabeth Jagger, Kevin Patterson, Rachel Russell, Emmanuelle Tulle-Winton, Melissa Tyler
Reviewed by Mark Sherry

Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations
Hofstede, Geert
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Racism and Anti-Racism in Ireland
Lentin, Ronit and Robbie McVeigh (Editors)
Reviewed by Gavan Titley

Education, Social Status and Health
Mirowsky, John and Catherine E.Ross
Reviewed by Paul Lambert

Writing your Thesis
Oliver, Paul
Reviewed by Emma Pitchforth

Survey Research: The Basics
Punch, Keith F
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Controlling Illegal Drugs: A Comparative Study
Segre, Sandro
Reviewed by Lawrie Elliott

Latex and Lingerie: Shopping for Pleasure at Ann Summers Parties
Storr, Merl
Reviewed by Samantha Holland


Volume 9(1) published on 28 Feb 2004

‘Some of our people can be the most difficult’. Reflections on difficult interviews.
   Sam Pryke

Towards a Sociology of Organizational Space
   Susan Halford

By Name United, By Sex Divided: A Brief Analysis of the Current Crisis Facing the Anglican Communion
   Andrew K. T. Yip and Michael Keenan

Cash-In-Hand Work: Unravelling Informal Employment From The Moral Economy Of Favours
   Colin C. Williams

Trees Don't Talk: a Methodological Account of a Forest Sociologist in Mexico
   Ross Mitchell

Negotiation and Navigation - an Exploration of the Spaces/Places of Working-Class Lesbians
   Yvette Taylor

Doing the North-South splits: Post-modern Strain on a Pre-modern Institution
   Robin Mutter

A UK Sociolinguistic Perspective: Gene, Jeffrey and Evangelical 'Broad Inclusion' Intersubjectivity
   Noel Heather

Contested Knowledge: Social Theory Today - Third Edition
Seidman, Steven
Reviewed by Mark Sherry

The Asian Gang: Ethnicity, Identity, Masculinity
Alexander, Claire E
Reviewed by Steve Robertson

Advanced Focus Group Research
Fern, Edward F.
Reviewed by Dr Leslie Gofton

Cults, Religion and Violence
Bromley, David G and Gordon, J. Melton
Reviewed by Peter McCaffery

Megawords: 200 terms you really need to know
Osborne, Richard
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

The Orifice as Sacrificial Site
Aho, James
Reviewed by Victoria Land

Imperialism, Labour and the New Woman: Olive Schreiner's Social Theory
Stanley, Liz
Reviewed by Julian Robert


Volume 8(4) published on 30 Nov 2003

The Christian Right and Homophobic Discourse: a Response to 'Evidence' That Lesbian and Gay Parenting Damages Children.
   Stephen Hicks

Sexuality in the Church: toward a sociology of the Bible
   John Brewer

Let Me Entertain You: Researching the 'Thirtysomething' Generation
   Judith Burnett

The 'Intimate Father': Defining Paternal Involvement
   Esther Dermott

After I've Done the Mum Things': Women, Care and Transitions
   Sue Innes and Gill Scott

Review Article: Looking Back and Looking Forward: Some Recent Feminist Sociology Reviewed
   Sue Wise and Liz Stanley

Communication, Conflict and Risk in the 21st Century: Critical Issues for Sociology
   Alison Anderson

Persistence and Silence: A Narrative Analysis of Employee Responses to Organisational Change
   Melanie Bryant

A Divergence of Views: Attitude change and the religious crisis over homosexuality
   Alasdair Crockett and David Voas

Uneven Possibilities: Understanding Non-Heterosexual Ageing and the Implications of Social Change
   Brian Heaphy and Andrew K. T. Yip

Social Change, Friendship and Civic Participation
   Yaojun Li, Mike Savage and Andrew Pickles

Children, Belonging and Social Capital: The PTA and Middle Class Narratives of Social Involvement in the North-West of England
   Gaynor R Bagnall, Brian John Longhurst and Mike Savage

Globalisation and the Future of Ageing: Developing a Critical Gerontology
   Chris Phillipson

Older People's Perceptions of the Neighbourhood: Evidence from Socially Deprived Urban Areas
   Thomas Scharf, Chris Phillipson and Allison Smith

Connecting Ethnicity, Agency and Ageing
   Sharon Wray

Saints and Sinners: The Role of Conservative Christian Pressure Groups in the Christian Gay Debate in the UK
   Stephen Hunt

Rethinking Adulthood: Families, Transitions, and Social Change
   Jane Pilcher, John Williams and Chris Pole

Researching Ageing and Later Life
Jamieson, Anne and Christina R. Victor
Reviewed by Klas Borell

Making Families: Moral Tales of Parenting and Step-parenting
McCarthy, Jane Ribbens; Rosalind Edwards and Val Gillies
Reviewed by Sue Grundy

The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts
Goodwin, Jeff and James M. Jasper
Reviewed by Dr. Philip Sutton

Understanding Criminology Current Theoretical Debates
Walklate, Sandra
Reviewed by Eric Chui

Work in the New Economy: Flexible Labor Markets in Silicon Valley
Benner, Chris
Reviewed by Paula Cerni

Economic Sociology: State, Market and Society in Modern Capitalism
Trigilia, Carlo
Reviewed by Ann Vogel

The A-z of Social Research: a Dictionary of Key Social Science Research
Miller, Robert L. and Brewer, John D. (eds.)
Reviewed by Matthew David


Volume 8(3) published on 22 Aug 2003

'Lifting up the Little Form': Victorian Images of Childhood and Death 1870-1900
   Heather Paris

Risking the University? Learning to be a Manager-Academic in UK Universities
   Rosemary Deem and Rachel Johnson

Making Connections: the Relationship between Train Travel and the Processes of Work and Leisure
   Gayle Letherby and Gillian Reynolds

Changing Women, Unchanged Men? Sociological Perspectives on Gender in a Post-industrial Society
Delamont, Sara
Reviewed by Suki Ali

To Give their Gifts: Health, Community and Democracy
Couto, Richard with Stephanie C. Eken
Reviewed by Gayle Letherby

Feminist Methodology: Challenges and Choices
Ramazanoglu, Caroline
Reviewed by Lydia Lewis

Social Statistics for a Diverse Society
Frankfort-Nachmias, Chava and Anna Leon-Guerrero
Reviewed by Vida Cesnuityte

Gender and Social Theory
Evans, Mary
Reviewed by cc


Volume 8(2) published on 20 May 2003

Dealing with Dirt: Servicing and Repairing Cars
   Tim Dant and David Bowles

Moral Discrepancy and Political Discourse: Accountability and the Allocation of Blame in a Political News Interview
   William Housley and Richard Fitzgerald

Ageing and Imagined Community: Some Cultural Constructions and Reconstructions
   Stephen Conway

Survival Ethnic Entrepreneuers in Greece: a Mosaic of Informal and Formal Business Activities
   Gabriella Lazaridis and Maria Koumandraki

Towards a Typology of Intergenerational Relations: Continuities and Change in Families
   Julia Brannen

Engaging Cultural Differences: The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies
Shweder, Richard; Minow, Martha and Hazel Rose Markus (Editors)
Reviewed by Irwin Deutscher

Media, Risk and Science
Allan, Stuart
Reviewed by Richard Michael Holliman

Postmodernism and Social Research
Alvesson, Mats
Reviewed by David Beer

The Protestant Ethic Debate: Max Webers Replies to his Critics, 1907-1910
Chalcraft, David J. and Austin Harrington (Editors)
Reviewed by Graham Crow

Surveying the Social World
Aldridge, Alan and Ken Levine
Reviewed by Stephen Brindle


Volume 8(1) published on 26 Feb 2003

Clustering Local Tastes in Global Culture: The Reception Structure of Hollywood Films
   Bum Soo Chon, George Barnett and Young Choi

Desire Lines: 'Queering' Health and Social Welfare
   Stephen Hicks and Katherine Watson

The Use Of Complementary Therapies In Western Sydney
   Ashwin Kumar

A Look at Changing Parental Ideologies & Behaviors in Japan
   Cherylynn Bassani

On the Logic of 'New' Welfare Practice: An Ethnographic Case Study of the 'New Welfare Intermediaries'
   Chris Allen

Ethics and the Ruling Relations of Research Production
   Carole Truman

The Problem of Representation: Realism and Operationalism in Survey Research
   Mike Williams

From The Culture of Matter to the Matter of Culture: Feminist Explorations of Nature and Science
   Myra Hird

Understanding Probabilities and Re-Considering Traditional Research Training
   Stephen Gorard

The Qualitative Researcher's Companion
Huberman, Michael A. and Matthew B Miles
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Women's Working Lives in East Asia
Brinton, Mary C. (Editor)
Reviewed by Fiona Harris


Volume 7(4) published on 26 Nov 2002

Social Science Gets the Ethics Treatment: Research Governance and Ethical Review
   Emma Williamson, Julie Kent, Trudy Goodenough and Richard Ashcroft

Dancing and Wrestling with Scholarship: Things to do and things to avoid in a PhD Career
   Les Back

'You Make Yourself Sound So Important' Fieldwork Experiences, Identity Construction, and Non-Western Researchers Abroad
   Carolina Ladino

Who Suceeds and Who Flounders? Young People in East Europe's New Market Economies
   Kenneth Roberts, G I Osadchaya, H V Dsuzev, V G Gorodyanenko and Jochen Tholen

The Consumption of Technology in Everyday Life: Car, Telephone, and Television in Sweden and America in Comparative-Historical Perspective
   Ralph Schroeder

'Loved the Wedding, Invite Me to the Marriage': The Secularisation of Weddings in Contemporary Britain
   John Walliss

Professional Work: A Sociological Approach
Leicht, Kevin and Mary L. Fennell
Reviewed by Keith Moray Macdonald

Medical Careers and Feminist Agendas: American, Scandinavian and Russian Women Physicians
Riska, Elianne
Reviewed by Fiona French

Child Victims of Homicide
Alder, Christine and Ken Polk
Reviewed by John Arundel Barnes

Dignity at Work
Hodson, Randy
Reviewed by Keith Moray Macdonald

Strange Encounters: Embodied Others in Post-Coloniality
Ahmed, Sara
Reviewed by Julie Wuthnow


Volume 7(2) published on 28 Aug 2002

Degrees of Freedom: Do Graduate Women escape the Motherhood Gap in Pensions?
   Jay Ginn and Sara L Arber

Following the Queen: The Place of the Royal Family in the Context of Royal Visits and Civil Religion.
   Anne Rowbottom

The Failure of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and the Voiding of Privacy
   Felix Stalder

Community Matters: Reflections from the Field
   Kirsty L. Blackstock

From Community To Communicative Policing: 'Signal Crimes' And The Problem Of Public Reassurance
   Martin Innes and Nigel Fielding

'For Better or Worse?': Heterosexuality Reinvented
   Jenny Hockey, Victoria Robinson and Angela Meah

Cyberscience and Social Boundaries: the Implications of Laboratory Talk on the Internet
   Christine Hine

The Return of Assimilationism: Race, Multiculturalism and New Labour
   Les Back, Michael J Keith, Azra Khan, Kalbir Shukra and John Solomos

The Piano in the Parlour: Methodological Issues in the Conduct of a Restudy
   Charlotte Aull Davies and Nickie Charles

Knowing your Place: Gender and Reflexivity in two Ethnographies
   Fiona Gill and Catherine Maclean

Making Hate a Crime: From Social Movement to Law Enforcement
Jenness, Valerie and Ryken Grattet
Reviewed by Mark Sherry

Globalization and Culture
Reviewed by Hans Mommaas

Global Feminist Politics: Identities in a Changing World
Ali, Suki, Kelly Coate and Eangui Wa Goro
Reviewed by Susie Jacobs

Television, Globalization and Cultural Identities
Barker, Chris
Reviewed by Greg Nielsen

The Social Life of Avatars
Schroeder, Ralph
Reviewed by Nina Wakeford

Doing Visual Ethnography: Images, Media and Representation in Research
Pink, Sarah
Reviewed by Victoria D Alexander

What is Globalization?
Beck, Ulrich translated by Patrick Camiller
Reviewed by Hans Mommaas


Volume 7(1) published on 27 May 2002

Modern Monarchy: a Comparative View from Denmark
   Richard Jenkins

A Simulation of the Structure of the World-Wide Web
   Moses Boudourides and Gerasimos Antypas

The Political Economy of Diversity: Diversity Programs in Fortune 500 Companies
   John Ryan, James Hawdon and Allison Branick

Generations and Heritage: Reflections on the Queen Mother's Funeral
   Janet Finch and David Morgan

The Campaign Against 'Live Exports' in the UK: Animal Protectionism, the Stigmatisation of Place and the Language of Moral Outrage
   John Walls

God Save the Queen: The Pistols' Jubilee
   Les Back

Concept Development in Sociology: A Comment on Steve Fuller's, 'Will Sociology find some New Concepts before the US finds Osama bin Laden?'
   Stephen Vertigans and Phil Sutton

Religious Diversity and Multiculturalism in Southern Europe: The Italian Mosque Debate
   Anna Triandafyllidou

Nostalgia for Nationalisation - the Politics of Privatisation
   Tim Strangleman

Jubilee Mugs: The Monarchy and the Sex Pistols
   Alex Law

Attacking the Cultural Turn: Misrepresentations of the Service Encounter
   Steve Taylor

Step-Fathering: Comparing Policy and Everyday Experience in Britain and Sweden
   Rosalind Edwards, Margareta Bäck-Wiklund, Maren Bak and Jane Ribbens McCarthy

Constructing the Identities of 'Responsible Mothers, Invisible Men' in Child Protection Practice
   Heather D'Cruz

Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism and Citizenship
   Nick Stevenson

Royal Ageing: The Queen Mother and Queen Victoria
   Mike Hepworth

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Addressing a 'Problem' in Local Governance or Creating One?
   Paul Crawshaw and Donald Simpson

Signing your life away?: Why Research Ethics Committees (REC) shouldn't always require written confirmation that participants in research have been informed of the aims of a study and their rights - the case of criminal populations. (Commentary)
   Ross Coomber

Diana, Princess of Wales: The Contemporary Goddess
   Helen Bramley

Social Theory in the Real World
Miles, Steven
Reviewed by Brian John Longhurst

Black Marks: Minority Ethnic Audiences and Media
Ross, Karen and Peter Playdon (Editors)
Reviewed by Ellis Cashmore

Changing Britain: Families and Households in the 1990s
McRae, Susan
Reviewed by David Morgan

Ethnic Minorities and the Media
Cottle, Simon
Reviewed by Ellis Cashmore

Global Multiculturalism: Comparative Perspectives on Ethnicity, Race and Nation
Cornwell, Grant H and Eve Walsh Stoddard (Editors)
Reviewed by Ellis Cashmore

The Chimera of Multiculturalism: Diversity and the Media
Watson, C W
Reviewed by Ellis Cashmore

Representing Black Britain; Black and Asian Images on Television
Malik, Sarita
Reviewed by Ellis Cashmore


Volume 6(4) published on 26 Feb 2002

Opening and Closing the Gates: Recent Developments in Male Social Mobility in Britain
   Geoff Payne and Judy Roberts

Teaching Social Theory in Trying Times
   Joyce Ellen Canaan

'Austro-Pop' Since the 1980s: Two Case Studies of Cultural Critique and Counter- Hegemonic Resistance
   Christian Karner

Confidence Amid Uncertainty: Ambitions and Plans in a Sample of Young Adults
   Michael Anderson, Frank Bechhofer, Lynn Jamieson, David McCrone, Yaojun Li and Robert Paul Stewart

Will Sociology find some New Concepts before the US finds Osama bin Laden?
   Steve Fuller

The Myth of Medical Pluralism: A Critical Realist Perspective
   Gil-Soo Han

'Claims and Disclaimers: Knowledge, Reflexivity and Representation in Feminist Research'
   Gayle Letherby

Fantasy City: Pleasure and profit in the postmodern metropolis
Hannigan, John
Reviewed by Joanne Massey

The Transnational Villagers
Levitt, Peggy
Reviewed by Neil Jeremy Washbourne

New Age Travellers: Vanloads of Uproarious Humanity
Hetherington, Kevin
Reviewed by Colin Clark

Bridging Divides; The Channel Tunnel and English Legal Identity in Europe
Darian-Smith, Eve
Reviewed by Adam Reed

Food, Drink and Identity: Cooking, Eating and Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages
Scholliers, Peter (Editor)
Reviewed by Alan Warde

How Claims Spread: Cross-National Diffusion of Social Problems
Best, Joel (Editor)
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Citizenship in a Global Age: Society, Culture, Politics and the Transnational Villagers
Delanty, Gerard (Series Editor: Tim May)
Reviewed by Neil Jeremy Washbourne


Volume 6(3) published on 28 Nov 2001

Understanding Consumption: What Interviews with Retired Households Can Reveal About Budgetary Decisions
   Edmund Chattoe and Nigel Gilbert

Control Creep
   Martin Innes

Looking for Sociology after 11 September
   Steve Fuller

Moral Tensions Between Western and Islamic Cultures: The Need for Additional Sociological Studies of Dissonance in the Wake of September 11
   Benet Davetian

Back to the Future: 'Islamic Terrorism' and Interpretations of Past and Present
   Stephen Vertigans and Phil Sutton

Anti-nuclear Movements: Failed Projects or Heralds of a Direct Action Milieu?
   Ian Welsh

The Lady Vanishes? Reflections on the Experiences of Married and Divorced Non- Heterosexual Fathers
   Gillian Dunne

The Neglected Art of Hitch-hiking: Risk, Trust and Sustainability
   Graeme Chesters and David Michael Smith

The Whispering Shadow: Collectivism and Individualism at Ikeda-Hoover and Nissan UK
   Carol Stephenson and Paul Stewart

From Smart Bombs to Smart Bugs: Thinking the Unthinkable in Medical Sociology and Beyond
   Simon Williams

The Paradigm Contingent Career? Women in Regional Newspaper Journalism
   Meryl Aldridge

Confronting 'Uncivil Society' and the 'Dark Side of Globalization': are Sociological Concepts up to the Task?
   Chris Rumford

Modernization, Rationalization, and Education: Responding to the Other
   Marianna Papastephanou

Surveillance After September 11
   David Lyon

Time Matters: On Theory and Method
Abbott, Andrew
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe

World's Apart: Social Inequalities in a New Century
Sernau, Scott
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Classical Sociology
Turner, Bryan S
Reviewed by Dave Randall

Life in the Air: Surviving the New Culture of Air Travel
Gottdiener, Mark
Reviewed by Thomas Hylland Eriksen


Volume 6(2) published on 28 Aug 2001

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Learning from Women's Groups in Indonesia
   Marilyn Porter

Smoke and Mirrors: Modernist Illusions in the Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research Debate.
   John Schmuttermaier and David Schmitt

Categorisation, Narrative and Devolution in Wales
   William Housley and Richard Fitzgerald

Women's Occupations and the Social Order in Nineteenth Century Britain
   Wendy Bottero and Kenneth Prandy

The Timing of Family Formation in Britain and Spain
   Clare Holdsworth and B Jane Elliott

The Social Worlds of Caravaning: Objects, Scripts and Practices
   Dale Southerton, Elizabeth Shove, Alan Warde and Rosemary Deem

The Internet Matters: Exploring the Use of the Internet as a Research Tool
   Nicola Illingworth

Field Research for Boneheads: from Naïveté to Insight on the Green Tortoise
   Timothy McGettigan

Contradictions of Consumption: Concepts, Practices and Politics in Consumer Society
Edwards, Tim
Reviewed by Terhi-Anna Wilska

Re-Drawing Boundaries: Work, Household, and Gender in China
Entwisle, Barbara; Gail E. Henderson (Editors)
Reviewed by Jude Howell

Race, Media, and the Crisis of Civil Society: From Watts to Rodney King
Jacobs, Ronald N.
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Mothering the Self: Mothers, Daughters, Subjects
Lawler, Steph
Reviewed by Sara Mackian

Internet Communication and Qualitative Research: A Handbook for Researching Online
Mann, Chris and Fiona Stewart
Reviewed by Christine Hine

Parker, John
Reviewed by Richard Jenkins


Volume 6(1) published on 29 May 2001

'Superbrides': Wedding Consumer Culture and the Construction of Bridal Identity
   Sharon Boden

The Importance of Convention Status: A Case Study of the UK
   Alice Bloch

The Basic Elements of a Systematic Theory of Ethnic Relations
   John Rex

'I Saw You': Searching for Lost Love Via Practices of Reading, Writingand Responding
   Eric Laurier and Angus Whyte

Physiotherapists and Evidence Based Practice: An Opportunity or Threat to the Profession?
   Rose Wiles and Sue Barnard

Asylum, Refuge and Public Policy: Current Trends and Future Dilemmas
   Liza Schuster and John Solomos

Homosexuality and Refugee Status in the United Kingdom
   Derek McGhee

Taking Account of The Macro in The Micro-Politics of Family Viewing - Generational Strategies
   Carol MacKeogh

Divided Time: Gender, Paid Employment and Domestic Labour
Layte, Richard
Reviewed by Rosemary Deem

Developing Focus Group Research: Politics, Theory and Practice
Barbour, Rosaline S; Kitzinger, Jenny (Editors)
Reviewed by Michael Warren

Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader
Back, Les; Solomos, John
Reviewed by Ben Carrington

Understanding Sport: an Introduction to the Sociological and Cultural Analysis of Sport
Horne, John; Tomlinson, Alan
Reviewed by Tony King

Identity Without Selfhood: Simone de Beauvoir and Bisexuality
Fraser, Mariam
Reviewed by Momin Rahman

Social Theory in a Changing World
Delanty, Gerard
Reviewed by Austin Harrington

Greenspeak: A Study of Environmental Discourse
Harre, Rom; Brockheimer, Jens; Muhlhauser, Peter
Reviewed by Kate Burningham

Understanding Contemporary Society: Understanding the Present
Browning, Gary K;Halcli, Abigail; Webster, Frank (editors)
Reviewed by Phil Mole

Even in Sweden: Racisms, Racialized Spaces, and the Popular Geographical Imagination
Pred, Allan Richard
Reviewed by Panu Lehtovuori


Volume 5(4) published on 28 Feb 2001

Snakes & Ladders: in Defence of Studies of Youth Transition
   Robert MacDonald, Paul Mason, Tracy Shildrick, Colin Webster and Les Johnston

Making a Difference?: Institutional Habituses and Higher Education Choice
   Diane Reay, Miriam David and Stephen John Ball

Border Crossings: Narratives of Movement, 'Home' and Risk
   Deborah Lupton and John Tulloch

Dialogue, Positionality and the Legal Framing of Ethnographic Research
   John C Roberts

The Plausibility of Class Cultural Explanations: An Analysis of Social Homogeneity using Swedish Data from the Late 1990s
   Erik Bihagen

Responding to the Racialisation of Irishness: Disavowed Multiculturalism and its Discontents
   Ronit Lentin

Youth Citizenship and Unemployment: The Case of Passive and Active Labour Market Policies towards the Young Unemployed in Greece
   Gabriella Lazaridis and Maria Koumandraki

Cyber-Mothers: Online Synchronous Interviewing using Conferencing Software
   Henrietta O'Connor and Clare Madge

Hair Matters: Beauty, Power, and Black Women's Consciouness
Banks, Ingrid
Reviewed by Rosemary DuPlessis

The Turbulence of Migration
Papastergoadis, Nikos
Reviewed by David Timothy Duval

Questioning identity: Gender, Class, Nation
Woodward, Kath
Reviewed by Catherine Walker

Nowhere to Grow
Whitbeck, Les and Hoyt, Dan
Reviewed by Sue Grundy

Social Darwinism: Linking Evolutionary Thought to Social Theory
Dickens, Peter
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe

Researching the Visual: Images, Objects, Contexts and Interactions in Social and Cultural Inquiry
Emmison, Michael and Philip Smith
Reviewed by Sarah Pink

Selected Works of Herbert Blumer: A Public Philosophy for Mass Society
Blumer, Herbert and Stanford M Lyman & Arthur J Vidich (Editors)
Reviewed by Martin Innes

Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook
Silverman, David
Reviewed by Elery Hamilton-Smith


Volume 5(3) published on 1 Dec 2000

Shifting Classes: Interactions with Industry and Gender Shifts in the 1980s
   Jon Gubbay

Proactive and Defensive Engagement: Social Citizenship in a Changing Public Sphere
   Nick Ellison

Land Reform: a Foundation for Industrial Growth in Developing Countries?
   Anne Margrethe Brigham

Changing Places: Privilege and Resistance in Contemporary Ireland
   Pat O'Connor

Making Connections: Children, Technology, and the National Grid for Learning
   Jo Moran-Ellis and Geoff Cooper

Queer Frameworks and Queer Tendencies: Towards an Understanding of Postmodern Transformations of Sexuality
   Sasha Roseneil

The Class Situation of Information Specialists: a Case Analysis
   Clare Lewin and Myron Orleans

Incestuous Fields: Management Research, Emotion and Data Analysis
   Linda Perriton

Cash for Answers: the Association Between School Performance and Local Government Finance
   Jon Mulberg

Crossing the Border
Rowe, Michael
Reviewed by Breda Gray

Sociology and the Future of Work: Contemporary Discourses and Debates
Ransome, Paul
Reviewed by Gary Pollock

A Phenomenology of Working-Class Experience
Charlesworth, Simon J.
Reviewed by Mike Savage

Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb
Saito, Leland T.
Reviewed by Breda Gray

The Lived Body: Sociological Themes, Embodied Issues
Williams, Simon J.; Bendelow, Gillian A.
Reviewed by Mark Sherry


Volume 5(2) published on 6 Sep 2000

Conducting Qualitative Research on Wife Abuse: Dealing with the Issue of Anxiety.
   Sevaste Chatzifotiou

Writing about Health and Sickness: An Analysis of Contemporary Autobiographical Writing from the British Mass-Observation Archive
   Helen Busby

Zimbabwe: Why Land Reform is a Gender Issue
   Susie Jacobs

On-Line with the Friends of Bill W: Social Support and the Net.
   Nicholas Pleace, Roger Burrows, Brian Loader, Steven Muncer and Sarah Nettleton

Drug-Taking, 'Risk Boundaries' and Social Identity: Bodybuilders' Talk about Ephedrine and Nubain
   Lee Monaghan, Michael Bloor, Russell P Dobash and Rebecca Emerson Dobash

Financing the Market-Based Redistribution of Land to Disadvantaged Farmers and Farm Workers in South Africa: Recent Performance of the Land Reform Credit Facility
   Michael Lyne, Paul Zille and Douglas Graham

Debatable Land: National and Local Identity in a Border Town
   Richard Kiely, David McCrone, Frank Bechhofer and Robert Paul Stewart

Rethinking Land Reform in South Africa: An Alternative Approach to Environmental Justice
   Charles Geisler and Essy Letsoalo

The Effect of Community Context in The South African Land Reform Programme
   Charles Crothers

Informal Settlement Characteristics in a Rural Land Restitution Case: Elandskloof, South Africa
   Michael Barry and David Mayson

Can't Talk, Won't Talk?: Methodological Issues in Researching Children
   Jeni Harden, Sue Scott, Kathryn Backett-Milburn and Stevi Jackson

Ethnicity and Academia: Closure Models, Racism Models and Market Models
   Steve Fenton, John Carter and Tariq Modood

Modernity and Postmodern Culture
McGuigan, Jim
Reviewed by Justin O'Connor

'Love as Passion: the Codification of Intimacy' and 'Observations on Modernity'
Luhmann, Niklas
Reviewed by Alexander Boskovik

The Myth of Social Action
Campbell, Colin
Reviewed by Alan Warde

'Childhood' in 'Crisis'
Scraton, Phil (editor)
Reviewed by Allison James

Observations on Modernity
Luhmann, Niklas
Reviewed by Alexander Boskovik

Contemporary Racisms and Ethnicities
Mac an Ghaill, Mairtin
Reviewed by Martina Boese

Reconstructing Old Age: New Agendas in Social Theory and Practice
Phillipson, Chris
Reviewed by Kate Davidson


Volume 5(1) published on 31 May 2000

Reflexivity or Sociological Practice: A Reply to May
   Roger Slack

Social Work Research as Knowledge/Power in Practice
   Heather D'Cruz

Sacking the New Jerusalem? - The New Right, Social Democracy and Professional Identities
   Gerard W Hanlon

Reflexivity in Social Life and Sociological Practice: a Rejoinder to Roger Slack
   Tim May

The Visual Availability and Local Organisation of Public Surveillance Systems: The Promotion of Social Order in Public Spaces
   Mike Ball

Feminist Analysis of Science and the Implications for Higher Education
   Kate Bloor

Neue Rechte: Ethnocentrism, Culture and Cultural Identity
   Reinhold Gaertner

Researching a Hard-To- Access and Vulnerable Population: Some Considerations on Researching Drug and Alcohol-Using Mothers
   Sarah Goode

Who Wants to be a Social Engineer? A commentary on David Blunkett's Speech to the ESRC
   Peter J Hodgkinson

Reproductive Regimes: Changing Relations of Inter-dependence and Fertility Change
   Sarah Irwin

British 'Moral Right' Women and Feminism
   Donna Luff

'Money for nothing'?: Understanding Giving to Beggars
   Ian McIntosh and Angus Erskine

What Difference does it Make? Women's Pop Cultural Production and Consumption in Manchester
   Nicola Richards and Katie Milestone

'Homosexuality and the New Right: The Legacy of the 1980s for New Delineations of Homophobia'
   Matthew Waites

Germanness in One Country: Austria, Joerg Haider and Nationalist Legacy
   Wolfgang Weber

'New Right' or 'Backlash'? Section 28, Moral Panic and 'Promoting Homosexuality'
   Sue Wise

The 'New' Right: Definition, Identification, Differentiation
   Aaron Winter

Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty-First Century
Vannoy, Dana; Dubeck, Paula J.
Reviewed by Ian Procter

Television and its Viewers, Cultivation Theory and Research
Shanahan, James; Morgan, Michael
Reviewed by Dave Haans

Material Culture in the Social World
Dant, Tim
Reviewed by Kevin Hetherington

Evaluation and Social Work Practice
Shaw, Ian; Lishman, Joyce
Reviewed by Dianne Phillips

Science and Social Science
Williams, Malcolm
Reviewed by Dave Randall

Cleavage: Technology, Controversy and the Ironies of the Man-made Breast
Jacobson, Nora
Reviewed by Kathy Davis

Evaluation Research: An Introduction to Principles, Methods and Practice
Clarke, Alan
Reviewed by Dianne Phillips

Questions of Competence: Culture, Classification and Intellectual Disability
Jenkins, Richard (editor)
Reviewed by Mark Sherry

Sociological Practice: Linking Theory and Social Research
Layder, D
Reviewed by Esther Dermott

Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology
RussellBernard, H.
Reviewed by Gaby Atfield

Soundbite Culture: The Death of Discourse in a Wired World
Slayden, David; KirkWhillock, Rita
Reviewed by Tim Dant


Volume 4(4) published on 29 Feb 2000

Understanding the Police Investigation of the Murder of Stephen Lawrence: A 'Mundane Sociological Analysis'
   Simon Douglas Holdaway

'Over Policed and Under Protected': Stephen Lawrence, Institutional and Police Practices
   Louis Kushnik

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - or the More Things Change the More They Stay the Same- or Ruminations on Space and Time in the Next Millennium
   Marilyn Porter

'Looking Backward' and Not Looking Forward
   Martha Gimenez

   Howard Becker

Plans, Evaluation, and Accountability at the Workplace
   Ilpo Koskinen

Strategic Minorities and the Global Network of Power: Western Thrace and Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective
   Manussos Marangudakis and William Kelly

Theorising Empowerment Thought: Illuminating the Relationship between Ideology and Politics in the Contemporary Era
   Dod Forrest

Beyond the Macpherson Report: Managing Murder Inquiries in Context
   Martin Innes

Social Research and the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry
   John Solomos

Discretion, 'Respectability' and Institutional Police Racism
   P.A.J. Waddington

Institutional Racism, Cultural Diversity and Citizenship: Some Reflections on Reading the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report
   Nira Yuval-Davis

The Scrying Game: The Future of Humanity and the Humanity of the Future
   Alan Edward Aldridge

Predictions for Social Research On Line: Educational Reform
   Kenji Kosaka

Electronic Commerce and the Sociology of Money
   Supriya Singh

The Macpherson Report: A View from Greater Manchester
   Larry Ray, David Michael Smith and Liz Wastell

A Bit of Sorcery: Peering into the Next Century
   Irwin Deutscher

The Health Analysis and Action Cycle an Empowering Approach to Women's Health
   Marion Gibbon

The Future Of Sociology: An African View
   Fred Hendricks

The Usefulness of Indepth Life History Interviews for Exploring the Role of Social Structure and Human Agency in Youth Transitions
   Gill Hubbard

   John Jackson

Consciousness in Transition: A Case Study of Social Identity Formation in KwaZulu-Natal Study Description and Methodology
   T Marcus and Desireé Manicom

Women in the British Sociological Labour Market, 1960-1995
   Jennifer Platt

Dealing with difference: Researching health beliefs and behaviours of British Asian mothers
   Catherine Reed

Introduction to Predictions
   Liz Stanley

Women in Low Status Part-time Jobs: A Class and Gender Analysis
   Tracey Warren

Changing Connectivity: A Future History of Y2.03K
   Barry Wellman

Surviving through Substance Use: The Role of Substances in the Lives of Women who Appear before the Courts
   Emma Wincup

Institutional Racism, Power and Accountability
   Floya Anthias

The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report, Racist Harassment and Racist Incidents: Changing Definitions, Clarifying Meaning?
   Kusminder Chahal

Policing's Dark Secret: The Career Paths of Ethnic Minority Officers
   Nigel Fielding

The British Immigration Courts
Travers, Max
Reviewed by Ian Geoffrey Law

Weighty Issues: Fatness and Thinness as Social Problems and Interpreting Weight: the Social Management of Fatness and Thinness
Sobal, Jeffrey
Reviewed by Catherine Walker

Scattered Belongings: Cultural Paradoxes of ‘Race’, Nation and Gender
Ifekwunigwe, Jayne O.
Reviewed by Maria Summerson

Taking Care of Men; Sexual Politics in the Public Mind
McMahon, Anthony
Reviewed by Jenny Ryan

Studying the Media (2nd edition)
O'Sullivan, Tim, Brian Dutton and Philip Rayner
Reviewed by Allison Cavanagh

Interpreting Weight: The Social Management of Fatness and Thinness
Sobal, Jeffery; Maurer, Donna
Reviewed by Catherine Walker

Nike Culture: the Sign of the Swoosh
Goldman, Robert and Papson, Stephen
Reviewed by Tom Fleming

Making Meaning of Narratives
Josselson, Ruthellen: Amia Lieblich
Reviewed by Amanda Coffey

Valuing Technology: Organisations, Culture and Change
McLaughlin, Janice; Rosen, Paul; Skinner, David; Webster, Andrew
Reviewed by Mike Geppert

Women in Contemporary Britian
Pilcher, Jane
Reviewed by Jenny Ryan

Working Hard and Making Do
Nelson, Margaret K; Smith, Joan
Reviewed by Jan Pahl

Taking Care of Men: Sexual Politics in the Public Mind
McMahon, Anthony
Reviewed by Jenny Ryan

Introducing Social Networks
Degenne, A.; Forse, M.
Reviewed by Bonnie H. Erickson

Challenging Women: Gender, Culture and Organisation
Maddock, Su
Reviewed by Rachel Lewis

Doing Conversational Analysis
Have, Paul ten
Reviewed by Dave Randall

Sociological Snapshots: Seeing Social Structure and Change in Everday Life
Levin, Jack
Reviewed by William Housley

Sport, Culture and the Media
Rowe, David
Reviewed by Alan Tomlinson

Theorizing Classical Sociology
Ray, Larry J
Reviewed by Martin O'Brien

Family Fragments
Smart, Carol; Neale, Bren
Reviewed by Judith Stacey


Volume 4(3) published on 30 Sep 1999

Agricultural Biotechnology: Its Recent Evolution and Implications for Agrofood Political Economy
   Fred Buttel

Necessary Evils? Opening up Closings in Sociology and Biotechnology
   Les Gofton and Erica Haimes

Cultivation and Comprehension: How Genetic Modification Irreversibly Alters the Human Engagement with Nature
   Mark Harvey

'What Are 'They' Doing to Our Food?': Public Concerns About Food in the UK
   Alison Shaw

Feminist Sociology and Sociological Feminism: Recovering the Social in Feminist Thought
   Stevi Jackson

Prediction in Sociology: Prospects for a Devalued Activity
   Alan Edward Aldridge

Realtime Interviewing Using the World Wide Web
   Peter Chen and S.M. Hinton

Role as an Interactional Device and Resource in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
   William Housley

Fitness Gyms and the Local Organization of Experience
   Roberta Sassatelli

Sociology, What's It For? A Critique of Gouldner
   Martyn Hammersley

(Posts-) Modernism and Structuralism: Affinities and Theoretical Innovations
   Michael J Peters

'Whatever You Say Say Nothing': an Ethnographic Encounter in Northern Ireland and its Sequel
   Andrew Robert Finlay

Genetics and the Future of Nature Politics
   Phil Sutton

The Fear of Unreason: Science Wars and Sociology
   Geoff Cooper

Heritage Work: Re-Representing the Work Ethic in the Coalfields
   Tim Strangleman, Emma Hollywood, Huw Beynon, Katy Bennett and Ray Hudson

Reflexivity and Sociological Practice
   Tim May

Structure, Strategy, Sustainability: What Future for New Social Movement Theory?
   Alana Lentin

'Gypsies to the Camps!': Exclusion and Marginalisation of Roma in the Czech Republic
   Angus Bancroft

Is Class Changing? a Work-Life History Perspective on the Salariat
   Brendan Halpin

The Influence of Popular Cultural Imagery on Public Attitudes Towards Cloning
   Brigitte Nerlich, David D. Clarke and Robert W.J. Dingwall

'Not Science but PR': GM Food and the Makings of a Considered Sociology
   Anne Murcott

Food Trust, Ethics and Safety in Risk Society.
   Reidar Almas

News Culture
Allan, S.
Reviewed by Tim Dant

The Social Edges of Psychoanalysis
Smelser, Neil J.
Reviewed by Pat Lowe

The Ethnographic Self, Fieldwork and the Representation of Identity
Coffey, Amanda
Reviewed by Dave Francis

Postemotional Society
Mestrovic, Stjepan G.
Reviewed by Nick Stevenson


Volume 4(2) published on 29 Jul 1999

Theory-Building with Nud.Ist: Using Computer Assisted Qualitative Analysis in a Media Case Study
   Katie MacMillan and Shelley McLachlan

Token Salaries and Social Answers in Work Relations in Africa
   Massimo Repetti

War and the Public Intellectual: Cosmopolitanism and Anti-Cosmopolitanism in the Kosovo Debate in Germany
   Alan Scott

The Kosovan War, 1998-99: Transformations of State, War and Genocide in the Global Revolution
   Martin Shaw

'War, Violence, Terror, Genocide' - The Pacific Experience
   Zohl de Ishtar

Dancing to Different Tunes: A Reply to Responses to Here Be Dragons
   Sara Elizabeth Scott

A View From Hong Kong: Chinese Representations of War, Violence and American Imperialism
   John David Goodwin and Katherine Hills

Virtual Diaspora?: Imagining Croatia On-line
   Paul Stubbs

The Rape of the Nation: Women Narrativising Genocide
   Ronit Lentin

Deportations and Discursive Displacements
   R. Ruth Linden

They Made a Desert and Called it Peace
   Mike Drake

Life Course Data Collection: Qualitative Interviewing using the Life Grid
   Odette Parry

Revisiting Role Theory: Roles and the Problem of the Self
   Stanley Raffel

Memory, Trauma and Genocidal Nationalism
   Larry Ray

Ecologism: Toward Ecological Citizenship
Smith, Mark J.
Reviewed by Harris Ali

Random Violence: How we Talk about New Crimes and New Victims
Best, Joel
Reviewed by Hazel May

Social Experiments Evaluating Public Programs with Experimental Methods
Orr, Larry L.
Reviewed by Rhonda Cockerill

Basics of Qualitative Research Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory (2nd edition)
Strauss, Anselm; Corbin, Juliet
Reviewed by Dave Francis

Computer Modeling of Social Processes
Liebrand, Wim; Nowak, Andrzej; Hegelsmann, Rainer (Editors)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe


Volume 4(1) published on 31 Mar 1999

Qualitative Sociology and Social Class
   Max Travers

Reading Sara Scott's 'Here Be Dragons'
   Sue Wise

Sociology of Education and Marxism in Brazil
   Oswalo J. Yamamoto and Antonio Cabral Neto

Gender Differences at Work: International Variations in Occupational Segregation
   Jennifer Jarman, Robert M Blackburn, Bradley Brooks and Esther Dermott

The Cyber-Ethnographic (Re)Construction of Two Feminist Online Communities
   Katie J. Ward

A Critical Response to Sara Scott's 'Here Be Dragons: Researching the Unbelievable, Hearing the Unthinkable. a Feminist Sociologist in Uncharted Territory'
   Annie Huntington

'Winners' and 'Losers' in Social Transformations
   Graham Crow and Tony Rees

Ruling Passions: Sexual Violence, Reputation and the Law
Lees, Sue
Reviewed by Betsy Stanko


Volume 3(4) published on 31 Dec 1998

Understanding the Patterns and Processes of Primary Care Use: A Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Approach
    Nicolaas and Anne Rogers

But Women Can't Have 'Hemophilia'!: a Look at the Lives of Women with Bleeding Disorder
   Diane Kholos Wysocki

The Selectionist Paradigm: More Implications for Sociology
   Paul Marsden

Naming the Other: Power, Politeness and the Inflation of Euphemisms
   James Valentine

   Sarah Neal

The Sociology of Health and Illness at the Turn of the Century: Back to the Future?
   Simon Williams, Ellen Carol Annandale and Jonathan Tritter

Ageing and the Limiting Conditions of the Body
   Chris Gilleard and Paul Higgs

Sociology (3rd edition)
Giddens, Anthony
Reviewed by Jon Gubbay

Theory and Progress in Social Science
Rule, James B.
Reviewed by Rob Stones

Sex and Medicine: Gender, Power and Authority in the Medical Profession
Pringle, Rosemary
Reviewed by Susan Halford

Feminism and Politics
Phillips, Anne (editor)
Reviewed by Vanessa Hogbin


Volume 3(3) published on 30 Sep 1998

Hypermedia and Ethnography: Reflections on the Construction of a Research Approach
   Bella Dicks and Bruce Mason

Choosing Qualitative Data Analysis Software: Atlas/ti and Nudist Compared
   Christine Barry

How Gender and Ethnicity Intersect: the Significance of Education, Employment and Marital Status
   Kalwant Bhopal

The Interaction of Gender, Class and Place in Women's Experience: a Discussion Based in Focus Group Research
   Gill Callaghan

Negotiating Breast-Feeding: Pakistani Women, White Women and Their Experiences in Hospital and at Home
   Alison Bowes and Teresa Meehan Domokos

Negotiating Selves: Reflections on 'Unstructured' Interviewing
   Peter Collins

Conflict and Co-Operation in the Virtual Community: EMail and the Wars of the Yugoslav Succession
   C Stubbs

Here be Dragons: Researching the Unbelievable, Hearing the Unthinkable. A Feminist Sociologist in Uncharted Territory
   Sara Elizabeth Scott

Violent Criminal Acts and Actors Revisited
Athens, Lonnie
Reviewed by Dick Hobbs

The Male in the Head: Young People, Heterosexuality and Power
Holland, Janet, Ramazanoglu, Caroline, Sharpe, Sue and Thomson, Rachel
Reviewed by Angela Meah

Parts of an Andrology: on Representations of Men's Bodies
Schehr, Lawrence, R.
Reviewed by Momin Rahman

Fuller, Steve
Reviewed by Steve New

Britain in Europe: An Introduction to Sociology
Spybey, Tony
Reviewed by Gary Pollock


Volume 3(2) published on 30 Jun 1998

The Revolution and the Virgin Mary: Popular Religion and Social Change in Nicaragua
   Stephanie Judith Linkogle

On the Potentialities and Problems of a WWW Based Naturalistic Sociology
   Roger Slack

Reconstructing 'Positive' Nationalism: Evidence from Norway and Sweden

Class in International Perspective: a Call for Papers
   Liz Stanley

Method in a Photographic Enquiry of Being Deaf

Coming to terms with Contemporary Capitalism: Beyond the Idealism of Globalisation and Capitalist Ascendancy Arguments
   Eileen Teresa Kennedy

Recording Social Life: Reflexivity and Video Methodology
   Helen Lomax

Planning in Organisations: Rational Control or Contingent Activity
   Tim Dant and Francis

Gender Inn
   Susanne Webel

Caricaturing and Categorising in Processes of Argument

Useful Resources on the World Wide Web for Social Scientists
   Beverley Lucy Holbrook

The Practical Limitations of Survey Analysis: A brief response to Lynn
   M Heather Elliott and Ellingworth

Power, Professionalism and Organisational Transformation
   Christopher May and Mary Eleanor Buck

Social Motivation: Understanding Childrens School Adjustment
Juvonen, Jaana and Wentzel, Kathryn (editors)
Reviewed by Andrew Pollard

Crack in America: Demon Drugs and Social Justice
Reinarman, Craig and Harry G. Levine (editors)
Reviewed by Rhidian Hughes

Football, Nationality and the State
Duke, Vic & Crolley, Liz
Reviewed by Sam Pryke

Norbert Elias
van Krieken, Robert
Reviewed by Pablo Jauregui

Gender and Family Issues in the Workplace
Blau, Francine D. and Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Reviewed by Colette Fagan

Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice
Bergvall, Victoria L., Bing, Janet M. & Freed, Alice, F.
Reviewed by Jane Sunderland

On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences
Doyle, Richard
Reviewed by Marc Berg

Equal Opportunities and Social Policy: Issues of Race, Gender and Disability
Bagilhole, Barbara
Reviewed by Clare Ungerson

Problematics of Sociology: The Georg Simmel Lectures, 1995
Smelser, Neil J.
Reviewed by Prof. Leonard Beeghley

'Understanding Social Theory'
Layder, Derek
Reviewed by Graham Crow

Researching Society and Culture
Seale, Clive (editor)
Reviewed by Andrew Hill


Volume 3(1) published on 31 Mar 1998

The Industrial Organization of Sociology
   Tony Tam

Gender Matters? Three Cohorts of Women Talking About Role Reversal
   Jane Pilcher

Reflections in an Unblinking Eye: Negotiating Identity in the Production of a Documentary

The Baby and the Bath Water: Hammersley, Cealey Harrison and Hood-Williams and the Emancipatory Research Debate
   Cealey Harrison and Hood-Williams

More Varieties Than Heinz
   W Cealey Harrison

The Use of Marriage Data to Measure the Social Order in Nineteenth-Century Britain
    Bottero and Kien Prandy

Sociological Practice: The Politics of Identities and Futures
   Irwin Deutscher

Sustainability and Modernity in the European Union: A Frame Theory Approach to Policy-Making
   Calloni and Mikrakis Triandafyllidou and Fotiou

The British Crime Survey Sample: A response to Elliott and Ellingworth
   Peter Lynn

Social Structures and Chaos Theory
   Greg Smith

Social Theory and European Transformation: Is there a European Society?
   Gerard Delanty

'Towards a New Social Order in Russia' and 'from Submission to Rebellion'
Piirainen, Timo
Reviewed by Nick Manning

How We Feel: An Insight into the Emotional World of Teenagers
Gordon, Jacki & Grant, Gillian (editors)
Reviewed by Johanna Wyn

Media and Mental Distress
Philo, Greg (editor)
Reviewed by Meryl Aldridge


Volume 2(4) published on 22 Dec 1997

Social Transformation? Exploring Issues in Comparison, Development and Change
   Liz Stanley

Youth Research in the 1990s: Time for (Another) Rethink
   Christine Griffin

'Collegial Accountability' and Bias: the Solution or the Problem?
   Bogusia Temple

The Ambiguities of Football, Politics, Culture, and Social Transformation in Latin America

The Decomposition of Sociology
   Max Travers

The Reproduction of Exclusion and Disadvantage: Symbolic Violence and Social Class Inequalities in 'Parental Choice' of Secondary Education
   Stephen Conway

A Reply to Humphries
   Martyn Hammersley

Assessing the Representativeness of the 1992 British Crime Survey: The Impact of Sampling Error and Response Biases
   M Heather Elliott and Ellingworth

Dialectics and Modernity, Autonomy and Solidarity
   JosÈ Mauricio Domingues

A Response to Romm
   Martyn Hammersley and Roger Gomm

Networked Worlds: Social Aspects of Multi-User Virtual Reality Technology
   Ralph Schroeder

Accessing Large Corporations: Research Ethics and Gatekeeper-Relations in the Case of Researching a Japanese-Invested Factory

Thought Styles: Critical Essays on Good Taste
Douglas, Mary
Reviewed by Geoff Cooper

Nature, State and Economy: a Political Economy of the Environment (2nd Edition)
Johnston, Ron J.
Reviewed by John Walls

The Way the Modern World Works: World Hegemony to World Impasse
Taylor, Peter J.
Reviewed by David Stuart Lane

Saving Our Children from Poverty: What the United States can Learn from France
Bergman, Barbara R.
Reviewed by Paul Jargowsky

The Other City: People and Politics in New York and London
MacGregor, S. & Lipow, A. (editors)
Reviewed by Nick Buck

Men as Managers, Managers as Men: Critical Perspectives on Men, Maculinities and Managements
Collinson, David L. & Hearn, Jeff
Reviewed by Harriet Bradley

Ethnic Los Angeles
Waldinger, Roger & Bozrgmehr, Mehdi (editors)
Reviewed by Faye Arnold

Risk, Environment and Modernity: Towards a New Ecology
Lash, S., Szerszynski, B. & Wynne, B. (editors)
Reviewed by Anna Triandafyllidou


Volume 2(3) published on 30 Sep 1997

Teams as Author: Narrative and Knowledge Creation in Case Discussions in Multi-Disciplinary Health Teams

Organisation Man - Women and Organisational Culture
   Grant Coates

NUD*IST in Action: Its Use and Its Usefulness in a Study of Chronic Illness in Young People

Part/Whole Morphology: Unifying Single Case and Comparative Methods
   Thomas J. Scheff

Getting Published: a Study of Writing, Refereeing and Editing Practices
   Angela Packwood

Users and Social Science Research: Policy, Problems and Possibilities

   Catherine Skinner

Situating Simulation in Sociology
   Peter Halfpenny

Locating Frames in the Discursive Universe

Unite De Liaison Internationale En Sciences Sociales (ULISS)
   Jean Charles Lagrée

Some Methodological and Epistemological Issues Raised by Doing Feminist Research on Non-Feminist Women
   Dianne Millen

Becoming More Accountable: A Comment on Hammersley and Gomm

Market Forces, Choice and Diversity in Education: the Early Impact
   Stephen Gorard

Data Collection and Analysis
Sapsford, Roger & Jupp, Victor (editors)
Reviewed by Ray Lee

Insider/Outsider Team Research
Bartunek, Jean M. & Loius, Meryl Reis
Reviewed by Ray Lee

Founding Sociology? Talcott Parsons and the Idea of General Theory
Holmwood, John
Reviewed by Professor Frank Lechner

Gender and Nation
Yuval-Davis, Nira
Reviewed by Paula Frederick

Stopping AIDS: AIDS/HIV Public Education and the Mass Media in Europe
Wellings, Kaye and Field, Becky
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen


Volume 2(2) published on 30 Jun 1997

Critical Education for Participatory Research
   Susan Martin

Theory Building in Qualitative Research and Computer Programs for the Management of Textual Data

Images of Men: Male Sexuality in Sexual Health Leaflets and Posters for Young People

Centre for Applied Social Surveys (CASS)
   Teresa McGarry

The Use of Diaries in Sociological Research on Health Experience
   M Heather Elliott

Using the Internet for Survey Research
   Ross Coomber

Simulation - a Way Forward?
   David Byrne

On the Uses of Computer-Assisted Simulation Modeling in the Social Sciences
    Hanneman and Anthony Patrick

Informal Exchange Relations in Post-Soviet Russia: A Comparative Perspective

A Simulation of the Structure of Academic Science
   Nigel Gilbert

Changing Police Culture: Policing in a Multicultural Society
Chan, Janet B. L.
Reviewed by Nigel Fielding

Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Punch, Keith F.
Reviewed by Tracey Warren

Ethnic and Racial Consciousness (2nd Edition)
Banton, Michael
Reviewed by Robert Carter

Shaping Women's Work: Gender Employment and Information Technology
Webster, Juliet
Reviewed by Dr Fiona Devine

The Spectacle of History: Speech, Text and Memory at the Iran-Contra Hearings
Lynch, Michael & Bogen, David
Reviewed by Barry Brown

The Embryo Research Debate: Science and Politics of Reproduction
Mulkay, Michael
Reviewed by Christine Hine

Bearing Meaning: The Language of Birth
Kahn, Robbie Pfeufer
Reviewed by Fiona Hart

The Troubles with Postmodernism
Morawski, Stefan
Reviewed by Caroline Ramazanoglu

Ethnic and Racial Consciousness
Banton, Michael
Reviewed by Bob Carter

Reconstructing the Balkans: A Geography of the New Southeast Europe
Hall, Derek & Danta, Darrick
Reviewed by Tamas Kozma

The Economics of Organized Crime
Fiorentini, G. & Peltzman, S. (editors)
Reviewed by Federico Varese

Conducting Socially Responsible Research: Critical Theory, Neo-Pragmatism and Rhetorical Inquiry
Swartz, Omar
Reviewed by Roger John Sapsford


Volume 2(1) published on 31 Mar 1997

Nationalism Links
   Paul Treanor

Bias in Social Research
   Martyn Hammersley and Roger Gomm

From Critical Thought to Emancipatory Action: Contradictory Research Goals?
   Beth Humphries

Health Experiences of Elderly People in an Outer London Area
   Bie Nie Ong and Jordan

Focus Group Data and Qualitative Analysis Programs: Coding the Moving Picture as Well as the Snapshots
    Catterall and Maclaren

New Greek Nationalism
   Calloni and Mikrakis Triandafyllidou

Structures of Nationalism

Using Metadata for Cross-National Comparisons
   Peter Brannen and Lamb

Centre for the Study of Public Policy
   Neil Munro

SAMP for Windows (Samp 1.2)
   James A. Davis

Reflections on Interviewing Women MPs
   Nirmal Puwar

Anselm Strauss: an Appreciation

Balancing Act and the Work- Family Challenge
Spain, Daphne & Bianchi, Suzanne
Reviewed by Colette Fagan

Gender, Generation and Identity in Contemporary Russia
Pilkington, Hilary (editor)
Reviewed by Claire Wallace

Walter Benjamin
Bolz, N. & van Reijen, W.
Reviewed by Michael Erben

Disarming Patriarchy: Feminism and Political Action at Greenham
Roseneil, Sasha
Reviewed by Dr Stephanie Linkogle

The Agony of the Russian Idea
McDaniel, Tim
Reviewed by Hilary Pilkington


Volume 1(4) published on 23 Dec 1996

Violating an Occupational Sex-Stereotype: Israeli Women Earning Engineering Degrees
    Jacobsen and Vanki

Anselm L. Strauss: Obituary
   Adele Clark

SocInfo - CTI Centre for Sociology, Politics and Social Policy
    CTI Centre for Sociology, Politics and Social Policy

CAQDAS -Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software
   Ann Lewins

Qualitative Data Analysis: Representations of a Technology: a Comment on Coffey, Holbrook and Atkinson
   Nigel Fielding and Ray Lee

Contemporary Nationalism, Its Causes and Consequences for Europe - a Reply to Delanty
   John Rex

Technological Innovations in Data Collection: Acceptance, Data Quality and Costs
   de Leeuw and Nicholls

'What Are They Doing? Dilemmas in Analyzing Bibliographic Searching: Cultural and Technical Networks in Academic Life'
   Matthew David and David Zeitlyn

Is Democracy at the Heart of IT? Commercial Perceptions of Technology
   Linda McKie

Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach
Maxwell, Joseph
Reviewed by Martyn Hammersley

Engendering Motherhood: Identity and Self-Transformation in Women's Lives
McMahon, Martha
Reviewed by Alexandra Howson

Appalachia in the Making and the First American Frontier
Pudup, B., Billings, D. & Waller, A (editors)
Reviewed by Jerry Williamson


Volume 1(3) published on 2 Oct 1996

Modelling Tabular Data with an Ordered Outcome
   Vernon Gayle

Crown Street Revisited
   Karen Mary Moore

Using SOSIG to support Social Science Teaching and Research
    Hiom and Huxley

The Career of Status Crystallization: a Sociological Odyssey
   R. David Smith

Beyond the Nation-State: National Identity and Citizenship in a Multicultural Society - a Response to Rex
   Gerard Delanty

The General Social Survey Data and Information Retrieval System (GSSDIRS)
   Tom W. Smith

Statistics as Organizational Products
   Carol Jane Thomas

Sociology, Environmentalism, Globalization: Reinventing the Globe
Yearley, Steven
Reviewed by David Frank

To Rule Jerusalem
Friedland, Roger & Hecht, Richard
Reviewed by Dr. Menachem Klein

Trauma and Self
Strozier, Charles B. & Flynn, M. (editors)
Reviewed by Dr Guy Undrill

The Polish Peasant in Europe and America: a Classic Work in Immigration History
Thomas, William and Znaniecki, Florian (edited by Eli Zaretsky)
Reviewed by Anna Triandafyllidou

Studies in Qualitative Methodology: Computing and Qualitative Research: Volume 5
Burgess, Robert G. (ed.)
Reviewed by Ann Lewins

Sociology of Work: Concepts and Cases
Auster, Carol J
Reviewed by Susanne C. Monahan

Cultures of the Internet and Cyberspace Cyberbodies Cyberpunk
Rob Shields (editor)
Reviewed by Joost Van Loon


Volume 1(2) published on 2 Jul 1996

National Identity in the Democratic Multi- Cultural State
   John Rex

In One Ear and Out the Other: Unmasking Masculinities in the Caribbean Classroom
   Jose Parry

Divided Spaces - Divided School: an Exploration of the Spatial Relations of Social Division
   David Byrne and Tim Rogers

Pedagogy, Symbolic Control and Identity: Theory, research, critique
Bernstein, Basil
Reviewed by Sara Delamont

Conflicts about class: Debating inequality in late industrialism
Lee, D. J. and Turner, B. S. (editors)
Reviewed by Dr Fiona Devine

Male Matters: Masculinity, Anxiety and the Male Body on the Line
Thomas, Calvin
Reviewed by John David Goodwin

Taboo: Sex, Identity and Erotic Subjectivity in Anthropological Fieldwork
Kulick, Don and Willson, Margaret (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul Atkinson

Regaining Marxism
Post, K
Reviewed by G. E. C. Paton

Pedagogy, Symbolic Control and Identity Theory, Research, Critique
Bernstein, Basil
Reviewed by Sara Delamont

Male Matters: Masculinity, Anxiety, and the Male Body on the Line
Thomas, Calvin
Reviewed by John David Goodwin

Beyond the Myths: Mother and Daughter Relationships in Psychology, History, Literature and Everyday Life
Phillips, Shelley
Reviewed by Pamela Cotterill


Volume 1(1) published on 29 Mar 1996

The Salt of Social Science
   Nico Stehr

Theoretical Considerations in Cross-National Employment Research
   Jacqueline O'Reilly

   Martin Bulmer and Liz Stanley

Evaluating an Empowering Research Strategy: Reflections on Action-Research with South Asian Women
   Alison Bowes

   Martin Bulmer and Liz Stanley

'Refuse of All Classes'? Social Indicators and Social Deprivation
   Geoff Payne, Judy Payne and Mark Hyde

Has Funding Made a Difference to Research Methods?
   Jennifer Platt

Qualitative Data Analysis: Technologies and Representations
   Amanda Coffey, Beverley Lucy Holbrook and Paul Atkinson

The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution
Brockman, John
Reviewed by Steve Fuller

Statistics for the Social Sciences
Sirkin, R.Mark
Reviewed by Kate Bloor

An Introduction to Population
Kammeyer, Kenneth J.
Reviewed by Clare Holdsworth

Cars: Analysis, History, Cases
Williams, Karel
Reviewed by Carl Dassbach