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Rapid Response: Call for Papers on Contemporary Counter-Movements in the Age of Populism

Rapid Response: Call for Papers on Sociological perspectives on the Grenfell Tower tragedy

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This issue (Volume 22, Issue 2, May 2017, ISSN: 1360-7804)

Edited by Steve Roberts and Charlie Walker

Peer Reviewed Articles

The Contribution of Mothers’ Employment on Their Family’s Chances of Ending Welfare Benefit Receipt in Germany. Analysis of a Two-Stage Process

Torsten Lietzmann

Friendship, Gender and Sexual Experience: Retrospective Narratives About the Formation of a Sexual Self During Youth

Verónica Policarpo

'We All Black Innit?': Analysing Relations Between African and African-Caribbean Groups in Britain

Louise Owusu-Kwarteng

Network Composition, Individual Social Capital and Culture: Comparing Traditional and Post-Modernized Cultures

Julia Häuberer and Alexander Tatarko

Significance Testing is Still Wrong, and Damages Real Lives: A Brief Reply to Spreckelsen and Van Der Horst, and Nicholson and McCusker

Stephen Gorard

'Just One?' Solo Dining, Gender and Temporal Belonging in Public Spaces

Kinneret Lahad and Vanessa May

Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Post-Soviet Estonia: Towards Generation Fragmentation or Integration in Estonian Society

Ellu Saar, Siim Krusell and Jelena Helemae

Doing Gender in a Hospital Setting: Reflections of a Male Researcher

Gareth M. Thomas

The Body, Technology and Translation: Mapping the Complexity of Online Embodiment

Seweryn Rudnicki

Making Parents: Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Across Borders
Guest Edited by Charlotte Faircloth and Zeynep Gürtin

Introduction - Making Parents: Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Across Borders

Charlotte Faircloth and Zeynep Gürtin

‘I Suppose I Think to Myself, That’s the Best Way to Be a Mother’: How Ideologies of Parenthood Shape Women’s Use of Social Egg Freezing Technology

Kylie Baldwin

Making ‘Assisted World Families’? Parenting Projects and Family Practices in the Context of Globalised Gamete Donation

Nicky Hudson

Parenthood and Partnerhood in the Context of Involuntary Childlessness and Assisted Reproduction in Greece

Aglaia Chatjouli, Ivi Daskalaki and Venetia Kantsa

Is Information Power? Comparing Anonymous and Open Egg Donation

Amy Speier

Affective De-Commodifying, Economic De-Kinning: Surrogates’ and Gay Fathers’ Narratives in U.S. Surrogacy

Marcin Smietana

Practice Makes Parents: Commentary on the Special Issue on “Making Parents: Reproductive Technologies and Parenting Culture Across Borders”

Charis Thompson

Book reviews

China, East Asia and the European Union: Strong Economics, Weak Politics? by Jan van der Harst, Tjalling Halbertsma

Reviewed by Conor Dowling

The New Social Mobility: How the Politicians Got It Wrong by Payne, Geoff

Reviewed by Christos Orfanidis

Books Received